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pointless, 5 November 2013

basically a montage of the previous x men films for people who weren't bright enough to follow the plot for this character. I kept expecting the film to add something other than a cut and paste of the previous films from a different perspective. a complete waste of time and a missed opportunity.

if you have seen the other films don't bother.

not only is it a re-run, but it lacks any real ability to engage very disappointing you will be better watching the other films again than this poor splicing of footage which seems nothing other than an attempt to cash in on the franchise

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Candy Coated Misogyny, 17 March 2013

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

really enjoyable film, sweet and full of feel good, plays to the paternal protective v's rebellious stoner genotype. for a feel good film about a girls coming of age it manages to totally ignore her as a character. the focus is on the father - prospective son-in-law bonding and the female character gets lost in the protective fuzz. while I walked away feeling happy I couldn't let go of the fact the supposed main character's role was to be an instrument for the male leads, to explore their ownership. is this guy good enough for my daughter? can I trust him patriarchal ego stroking I am worried that I liked it. I wonder if the writer has a religious heritage, while seeming to rebel against dogmatic culture and encouraging creative independence it surreptitiously disempowers the gurl

I am annoyed at myself for liking this.

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superb, 31 March 2012

absolutely gripping intelligent humorous insight into modern culture with a media savi team of writers.

Well worth a watch for the will he won't he suspense of the first episode.

make some time in your schedule to see this and look forward to discussing it with people afterwards.

Looking forward to this writing team coming back with more funds to deliver bigger and better.

the ten lines of text minimum is a real pain when you are in a hurry to watch the next episode.


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poor effort, 21 September 2011

If the plot had been any easier to figure out it would have been on the front cover, the suspense was ruined by the total impossibility of the lead putting himself in situations outside reality, OK in a scary film you need the victim to walk down the dark corridor but in something labeled as a thriller you expect at least some semblance of realism.

Being filmed somewhere in Sweden (I'm guessing) made the USA shoot unrealistic but for obvious reasons the director couldn't actually shoot in the USA.

I was very disappointed in the Ewan (for taking the role) and in pierce's awful acting (though that's less of a surprise) I was very glad when it finally ended and am surprised I managed the whole thing.

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An Ironic Classic, 21 September 2011

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

This film explores racial stereotypes against a backdrop of dark humour. Its a movie for people who like to think about what they watch, very British, the language is right on the button and its set in deepest South London. Delivered with humour and a multi-layered appreciation of culture in the present day for young inner city kids.

Many commentators seem to get hung up on the fact the 'heroes' are gang members, this is no new jack city glorifying the lifestyle but a peek through the lens of humour at territorialism.

its good gory fun with a well balanced sense of tension and the absurd, some of the characterisation is stretched for sure but the key themes of defending your own against external oppression shines through, this film is about redemption and change.

One of the funniest films I have seen and well worth the long wait, but this is not for you if you like polarized goodies wear white plots with no imagination.

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deep, 18 March 2011

I thought this film really presented in two parts, the first half was engaging and as usual Tim Roth holds the imagination. However in the second half of the film it seemed to loose its way a little, I struggled to get where it was going. Despite an interest in the themes represented and an understanding of the philosophy and religious concepts addressed I really struggled to engage with the plot/story. I will watch this again because I know there are depths to be mined. However i was left feeling disappointed. I stayed with the film but found it increasingly difficult to feel for the characters as it progressed. Too many concepts interwoven with out sufficient meaning. Way better than most productions and worth a watch but don't expect too much.

Stardust (2007)
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beautiful, 10 March 2011

This was a real surprise.

Fun and engaging a real stand out in the genre.

I thoroughly enjoyed ever moment and didn't want it to end.

Having read the book I was weary as so often films fail to deliver as well as your own imagination but this actually surpassed

Ideal for a romantic evening in with a loved one get a bottle of wine and snuggle up.

loved the humor in many of the characters and even the predictability of the classic fairytale formula was reassuring.

top class

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get drunk before watching, 3 March 2011

Simon Pegg either seems to make great or rubbish movies. This does not fall into the great category. While there were undoubtedly funny moments the film really lacks any ability to engage the viewer. Andy Serkis is a great actor but was given little to use and it was difficult to form any real engagement with the characters. The movie tried to make the main characters likable but failed to explore any depth. While allegedly based on the events of the era a lack of content left me feeling disappointed. To be fair I watched it all the way through for the odd moments of humor the ending left me feeling like I had been robbed of precious time where I could have been doing something far more valuable. Given the other great films made by the director it is hard to see where the film failed to bring the elements together that make a film good (I won't even try and use the word great) its only saving grace was the performance of Jessica Hynes but that may jut be because I have a crush on her.

Red River (2011)
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worst movie ever, 3 March 2011

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

absolute trash, very very bad acting. laughable gore and all together impossible to care whatsoever about any of the characters, sometimes even really bad movies have some redeeming features I couldn't find one in this abysmal and trite pile of steaming dung, even the wish to see each and every one of the actors killed was let down by the lack of tension and moronic killing scenes. The main character is a joke. The mutant son is a joke. The deaths are a joke. please never let anyone involved with this film ever do anything again. Its hard to recall a movie I have ever seen that was worse and I love bad movies and low budget horror. If this film had been made in the 1970's it still would have been abysmal. Paint a wall and watch it dry for a better way to spend some time.

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Possibly the goldenest oldie in the punk video timeline, 31 August 2006

I have been trying to get a copy of the original video series for years. The Max Headroom show had indy and punk classics from Siouxsie and the banshees to King kurt. This was simply a classic, to be distinguished from the TV series which was simply OK. Although at time's Max's stutter could prove irritating in the extreme. His jokes may have left a permanent scar on my psyche and perhaps shaped my poor sense of humour to the present day. The Max headroom Show remains an iconic memory of the early punk and psycho-billy era. Why has channel four not dug out this classic video footage and re-released this gem? In the current climate of Tube nostalgia lets please see the resurrection of this great piece of music video nostalgia. The whole series please. Right now!