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A story of motivation and never letting life's trials keep you from what you love, 14 May 2015

1st review because after seeing the other extremely ignorant review there needed to be one that was actually about the show, not their own delusional self hate comments..... This show against contrary belief is about an overweight girl who is suffering from a horrible illness that may one day kill her which is NOT caused by her eating. Had you actually watched the show before commenting you would have seen that she could eat nothing and continue to gain weight..... This is not just a program showing that you can do anything that you want despite weight but any illness that can affect your physical/mental state. It's a breath of fresh air with all the supposed "reality" shows out there today.....

Drive (2011/I)
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Holy crap did I watch the same thing as everyone else????!!!, 25 November 2011

This has got to be one of the worst movies I have seen in years. The previews on TV were more exciting then the actual film. This movie is not what you think it is or what they led you to believe it was about. It was an hour and 40 minutes of boring(I can't stress this word enough), monotone, drabble that barely had a plot and made Ryan Gosling look like an idiot. I seriously thought he was "special" throughout the entire movie. It really is sad if we are headed down the road where this is considered a big crime thriller. $15,000,000 Budget..Is that a joke?

This is my 1st review because I had to write something about this mess.

Save your time and money. You will never get it back.

200 M.P.H. (2011) (V)
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This Movie Sucks, The acting, The quality, The story which is nonexistent, ALL TERRIBLE, 14 May 2011

This Movie Sucks, The acting, The quality, The story which is nonexistent, ALL TERRIBLE!! Holy crap if I can save you one hour and a half movie session this would be it. I have actually loved some movies that people gave bad reviews so I have a very broad spectrum of acceptance when it comes to movies. This one on the other hand I could have filmed with my cell phone at a McDonald's parking lot. It's just crap, they just took what every other racing movie had and tried to copy them with no effects and crappy actors. I don't know what else I could possibly tell you to describe what this is not going to do for you.