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Seeing Red's an Understatement, 4 April 2017

A very, very violent story of revenge. Definitely not for the squeamish. Somebody definitely saw the devil. However, an excellent story, and an excellent watch; if you like that sort of thing.

Full of action, with good acting, and lots of gore. The twists and turns in the story can make you feel involved, but it's definitely not somewhere you want to be. Especially as it manages to keep a good degree of realism.

You probably don't really want to know evil like this can really exist.

Remember (2015/I)
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A Vengeance Story with a difference, 22 March 2017

Before watching this I couldn't really see how they would make a watchable film with 85 year old actors and an old peoples home. However, I quite liked Secondhand Lions (2003), Harry Brown (2009)and Grand Torino (2008), which all used aged actors, so I thought I would try it. Even though in this the old guy had dementia.

I found it held my interest all the way through, and the dementia was an important part of the story line.

On the whole a very good watch.

A "Western" with a difference - Das finstere Tal, 15 February 2017

The main difference with this western is it is set in a remote valley in the European Alps. Western genre more than western.

At times I thought I was going to be watching another version of Pale Rider (1985), but it was probably more like Unforgiven (1992) meets Deliverance (1972).

It is a film that keeps the dialogue to a minimum, and doesn't dig unto the characters personality in depth, but I think that works in this context.

A German/American (Greider) rides into to a remote mountain village as a photographer, but there is a hidden agenda. He also hides a Winchester repeating rifle; the locals only have breech-loading rifles.

The dominant family in the area are the Brenners. As things develop confrontations, and vengeance comes into play.

A really good watch. The Austrian entry for the Best Foreign Language Film at the 87th Academy Awards.

Ancient Naval Battle, 14 February 2017

I came across the film accidentally and I found it really entertaining,and gripping. I was quite impressed with this Korean production.

The costumes and ships were really good, as was the acting. I like stories about these sort of ancient battles. It reminded me of the Red Cliff (2008), which I also liked.

I preferred it to some similar type Hollywood productions.They're starting to exaggerate and overdo some of the acting and scenes; much too far beyond reality. This one did not quite get so carried away.I suppose I'm thinking of the 300, when I say that.

I was in Korea in 2014 and had not heard of the film, but I did buy a model turtle ship as a souvenir.

The film is based on the historical Battle of Myeongnyang, in which admiral Yi Sun-sin uses the treacherous currents in the Myeongnyang Strait to help him confront a Japanese fleet which massively out numbered his Joseon fleet.

Definitely worth its current IMDb mark of 7.2.

Lost at Sea, 14 February 2017

I do like most stories of the sea, and this kept me entertained and was a good enough story. The fake sharks were not great, but I didn't really have a problem with anything else. Before I watched this I was wondering how they would tell this "trapped in a life raft at sea" story any differently. It is a true story, which I hope was told fairly truthfully, so it didn't have to be believable; because it actually happened. If it hadn't been a true story you might have wondered about their luck sometimes.

On the whole worth watching if you like this sort of thing, and the acting was fairly good.

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Another vengeance film, 12 January 2017

Okay I admit it. I like vengeance plots, especially when they are mixed with a bit of history, albeit only vaguely based on fact, and good views.

I found this one really entertaining for what it was. No great plot, but sometimes you don't need one if they get a lot of other things right.

5.6 seems a bit low. Normally I don't watch if it lower than 6.

Based around a Catalan legend, the Drummer of El Bruc. Monuments have been erected to the legend which supposedly occurred during the Peninsular war.

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Underrated, 24 January 2016

My ratings are not generally too far away from the average of all the voters. On this one I am. I think it is much better than the current 4.4.

If a good movie to the watcher is a recipe and all the ingredients must be present this movie is not for you. There are no nice views or colours, subplots, getting to know the characters, expensive sets,etc.

This movie might be considered by some as arty and one dimensional. The main emotion involved is vengeance, and it has created an atmosphere mostly around that dark place he is in.

The story is simple but gripping; it portrays the violence of the "Harrying of the North" of 1069-70.

Sometimes this is all you need.

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Different Pace of Life, 1 September 2015

Despite its age this was an excellent old film. It can't fail to entertain virtually everyone.

It's about a dying way of life, with different pace and priorities, but a life they love. This old way of life clashes with a newer way of life with a different pace and priorities.

The often drunken and flawed captain and crew drift through life enjoying themselves, but usually on the wrong side of the law. Ironically often looked after by the youngest member of the crew; the wee boy.

As a result of desperation and deviousness they pick up a cargo from an American tycoon, which they hope will save their little ship for another day. The story centres around trying to deliver the cargo and their battles and clashes with the American.

As well as being an excellent film, the social history is excellent also.

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War Ruins Men, 1 September 2015

This movie deals with the serious business of war and what it does to people.

It also deals with the anguish of parents, and how they try to deal with loss. When all is gone and there seems no point carrying on.

As well as this there is the military and how it deals with its image and the fragility of the men it must use.

The ex military father tries to find the truth behind his sons death. Despite him feeling he could do a better job than the police. Even he is caught out by the truth.

The movie is slow, and serious, and even disturbing at times. However, it always keeps you interested, and is a good watch; if you are in the right mood for it.

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A Good Story, 14 March 2011

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

I'm not sure I'd watch this movie if I wanted a history lesson, but it is definitely a good story, and a good entertaining watch. I was able to watch it twice which is rare for me.

The Balian character comes across as rather sanctimonious at times considering he is both a murderer and an adulterer. However, he is the hero so all is excused.

The movie is carried by good strong parts played by Liam Neeson, Edward Norton, Jeremy Irons and Brendan Gleeson.

The later Swedish movie Arn: The Knight Templar (2007) had some similarities.

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