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Different Pace of Life, 1 September 2015

Despite its age this was an excellent old film. It can't fail to entertain virtually everyone.

It's about a dying way of life, with different pace and priorities, but a life they love. This old way of life clashes with a newer way of life with a different pace and priorities.

The often drunken and flawed captain and crew drift through life enjoying themselves, but usually on the wrong side of the law. Ironically often looked after by the youngest member of the crew; the wee boy.

As a result of desperation and deviousness they pick up a cargo from an American tycoon, which they hope will save their little ship for another day. The story centres around trying to deliver the cargo and their battles and clashes with the American.

As well as being an excellent film, the social history is excellent also.

War Ruins Men, 1 September 2015

This movie deals with the serious business of war and what it does to people.

It also deals with the anguish of parents, and how they try to deal with loss. When all is gone and there seems no point carrying on.

As well as this there is the military and how it deals with its image and the fragility of the men it must use.

The ex military father tries to find the truth behind his sons death. Despite him feeling he could do a better job than the police. Even he is caught out by the truth.

The movie is slow, and serious, and even disturbing at times. However, it always keeps you interested, and is a good watch; if you are in the right mood for it.

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A Good Story, 14 March 2011

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

I'm not sure I'd watch this movie if I wanted a history lesson, but it is definitely a good story, and a good entertaining watch. I was able to watch it twice which is rare for me.

The Balian character comes across as rather sanctimonious at times considering he is both a murderer and an adulterer. However, he is the hero so all is excused.

The movie is carried by good strong parts played by Liam Neeson, Edward Norton, Jeremy Irons and Brendan Gleeson.

The later Swedish movie Arn: The Knight Templar (2007) had some similarities.

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A soldiers story of Civil War, 7 April 2008

There's something about this movie that reminds me of Peter Watkins, Culloden (1964). However, the difference in budget between the two movies is obviously vast.

This is the story of a young soldier at war being swept about by events, like a twig in the tide. Audie Murphy obviously draws on practical experience in his portrayal of the youth. One minute he's running the next he's a hero. His relationships, and philosophising with older soldiers allows him to debate the realities and poignancy of war

It's made in black and white, but is probably the better for it. An excellent, and often under-rated movie.

Shane (1953)
He was his own man, 7 April 2008

Shane was ahead of its time for the early 1950's, and one must remember that when watching it. It may be thought to be riddled with clichés,but to a certain extent it made those clichés.

A quiet stranger (Shane) comes to town. He befriends a family (The Starretts), and takes a job with them as a farm hand. The family all fall for the stranger, each in their own way. The mother flirts, the son hero worships and the father has a friend to take on challenges with.

The stranger, Shane, soon discovers that the local quiet is being threatened by a large cattle rancher (Ryker), who feels he has a claim on the area because he first settled it, and now the small farmers are fencing off land, using the water and making things generally more difficult for him.

The rancher tries many ways to get the small farmers to leave or give up and work for him, he sees Joe Starrett as their leader and he tries to negotiate.

Shane tries hard not to be drawn into the local squabble. However, problems escalate, and Ryker hires a gunfighter (Jack Wilson). Shane feels he doesn't need to prove anything to anybody, but his growing friendship for the family sees him drawn in. Once drawn in he knew there was no going back.

Jack Palance is excellent as demonic bad guy Jack Wilson. There was the air of inevitability when he entered the scene.

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An Avenging Brother, 12 June 2007

I'm a fan of westerns, this was watchable, but very average. The story does keep you interested, the lead actors are reasonably convincing, and the camera work is different.

Djangos brother is accused of helping the gunman Sartana rob the bank. The townsfolk take the law into their own hands and hang him. Django blames Sartana for the incident, and goes out to track him down. However, there is a twist to the story and things don't turn out the way we're led to believe.

Worth watching if you've nothing better to do. The music at times leaves a lot to be desired.

Conviction (2002) (TV)
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A Man With the strength to Change, 10 August 2006

It's the true story of how a man, John Upchurch, dragged himself away from the negativity of his upbringing, and used the experience to help others.

The movie shows his violent past, and how he saw the futility of his way of life as time past. One quote which was along the lines of, "Just because I have a lot of miles on the clock doesn't mean I'm going soft, I'm getting wise" sums it up to a certain extent.

On the whole it was better at the beginning than the end, where it got a bit slow, but on the whole it was very watchable, with a good display by the lead actor.

Rogue Male (1977) (TV)
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A Story of Nazi Appeasement, 17 July 2006

I first saw this on TV back in the mid 70's and it was definitely a story of the time, when WW2 was still in the forefront of many peoples minds.

Maybe not to the more modern taste, I've always enjoyed this film. It has a feel of the Thirty Nine Steps about it.

Just before the outbreak of WW2, Peter O'Tooles character fails in his revenge assassination attempt on Hitler. With the help of a sympathetic German, and English sailors, he escapes back to Britain and has to go on the run from the British and Nazi authorities who are both after him to return to Germany to answer for his "crime". He goes into hiding in the country, drawing on his hunting experience, and waits to the outbreak of war when his assassination attempt is looked on in a completely different light by the British, who now see him as a potential asset.

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War Documentary by Re-enactment, 4 July 2006

This is a documentary made of the battle of Culloden. It is made as if the narrator is a war correspondent at this 18th century Scottish battle. It is very watchable for those interested in history of this period.

In some ways a little amateurish, but this to an extent adds to the battlefield atmosphere, and may be more to do with a low budget. On the whole quite lucid and interesting, if at times a little corny by todays standards.

Gives much interesting background information, and attempts to tear down much of the romanticism and myths which later surrounded the battle, and Bonny Prince Charlie. It gives a straight account of the negligence of the Young Pretenders leadership, and of the later English and lowland Scots reprisals and atrocities against the defeated highland army, and the ordinary highland citizens, and their brutal clan way of life. Altogether it appears very realistic.

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A Poignant Western, 3 July 2006

This was a watchable Western, with good displays by Gregory Peck as the vengeful husband, and Stephen Boyd as the psychotic outlaw.

Douglas, played by Peck is intent on revenge for the violent death of his wife. Following reports of the likely suspects from a neighbour he sets out to track them down. He finds them in jail, but they escape and he is enlisted to help the posse track them down. His determination as a hunter rattles the outlaws, as he refuses to be deterred from his mission.

Although the bad guys deserve a grisly end, there is a twist in the tale that carries an underlying message of the dangers of taking the law into your own hands and not following the proper legal processes.

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