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Top stuff, 7 March 2006

This really was a find. My usual scanning of thirty channels a minute in the quest of watchable television ended when I flicked onto MTV to find this gem some time back. What a winner. The characters are perfect for their environment and the writing is accurate as can be. Carlton steals the show for me with the "white rude boy" persona being portrayed with great understanding. Boring Dave really does exist and I know at least two of them. Johnny Vaughan can be prouder of this than his involvement in last year's Space Cadets. Perhaps the subject matter was easier to write about than the ad-libbing proved on the dreadful cosmic hoax. I feel like I know the main characters and in ten episodes, that's no mean feat. The only grievance I have about the show is that it features snippets of some great songs but none receive credits, so I don't know what to track down after seeing every episode. Top script, top lads, top girls-top buzzer.