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The Guardian (2006/I)
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The US Navy, 23 February 2007

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I really loved the movie and it moved from the first few minutes. Being a Retired Navy Chief I have the utmost respect for the Coast Guard who for the most part are more sailors then most Navy "sailors". But, I would like to comment on the Navy scene. First off you would not find and 0-6 Navy Captain hanging with his crew in a bar like that, two you wouldn't be caught dead as an E-6 First Class in your dungaree's either (to work and back) and most import the two who started the fight "thinly disguised" Navy Chiefs would not start a fight with a two Junior sailors. Now when Senior Chief Randell came back he did what any good Chief would have done and I loved it. You just got to love Hollywood. I did Katrina/Rita as a Police Officer. I have worked with the Coast Guard and they earned the respect I have for them. I earned two Coast Guard Ribbons (Puerto Rico). Good Movie

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Navy Terminology, 8 June 2006

It was an excellent movie except the "COB" (Cief of the Boat) would never refer to a Petty Officer as Seaman like he did when he was talking to Petty officer Jones and I didn't know the Russian navy had Master-at-Arms when I think the captain sent for the Master-at-Arms. Having been a rated Master-at-Arms I thought it was funny. Alec Baldwin I felt was good choice for Jack Ryan. I don't like what they did to future Jack Ryan exploits like Patriot Games and Clear and Present Danger.I would like for them to make a good movie out of Tom Clancy book were they are fighting over the oil. I think it was Red Storm Rising.

"Creature" (1998)
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Miliarty Correctness, 21 April 2006

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I was watching this and laughing "They are doing what the Navy has trained them to do". One there are no women on SEAL Teams and two the Admiral I think it was was calling the Team Leader "Captain" which is highly unlikely. Due to the fact he was probably a LT as a Captain in the Navy is equal to a full bird in the Army or Marine Corp. It reeks of that other stinker "The Chuabacobra" (Pardon the spelling). That was what it looked like to me. I like Craig T. Nelson so it can make bearable to watch and yes there was the "Jaws" catch with the head floating to the surface. Did you ever notice that the girls always out run the guys too. This is so formula.

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I was there, 6 March 2006

I was in the navy at the time and I had just came back from Treasure Island and was coming through the bus terminal and I watched them make this movie. I was there for the when the opening scene where the Chinese guy was playing the pinball machine and ran to catch the bus. I also saw the SWAT scene be filmed. But on top of that it was a good movie and Bruce Dern was excellent. I would recommend this movie to anyone who just wants a good fun movie to watch. I did find it funny where the Mission St Bus finally ended up too. I loved San Francisco and still do to this day. Hollywood just don't make them like this anymore. It brings back good memories.