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The Best Worst Movie of the Year, 1 September 2008

Nicole Parker knocks it out of the park in this movie. She's the #1 reason you have to see this flick. The theater was laughing out loud at her antics as the Enchanted Princess. Her Amy Winehouse spoof is hilarious, and done perfectly.

Next best would be Crista Flanagan who cleans up with her Juno spoofs. I didn't care for the script writing in terms of the way she exits the movie (no spoiler here). Likewise, the writers could have given her more to work with in her Hannah Montana bit.

Ike Barinholtz as Beowolf is not to be missed. I never new this guy had such talent until seeing him play about a dozen side-splitting characters in this film.

Vanessa Mannillo and Matt Lanter are such great eye candy for you and your girlfriend to watch during any lulls in the movie that you can't give this less than 8 stars out of 10. A hilarious no-brainer comedy that's just what the doctor ordered for a few laughs after a long day's work.

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My new ALL TIME favorite movie, 29 March 2006

Is 'V' a terrorist or a freedom fighter? What Big Brother aspects of the film do we already see present in our own society? What current world leaders remind you of the lead characters in the film and in what way? This movie is thought provoking and inspiring. It sends a wake-up call to the world. You'll be talking about it and telling your friends about it.

V for Vendetta is also brave and bold. The dictator in this movie rose to power through a campaign of fearmongering and lies. The government manipulates and almost fully controls the media. Many will see clear analogies to the Bush administration, although V for Vendetta takes it to the next level.

'V', played by Hugo Weaving, has a number of yoda-like quotes in the movie that I dug .... "Governments should fear their people," and not the other way around, and "Unlike people, ideas never die."

My wife did not want to see the movie because she thought it looked too violent. I convinced her to go with me. She LOVED this movie. At the end I looked over and she had tears running down her cheeks because, she said, the last scene in the movie was so powerful. I thought the entire movie was. You've got to see this film.

Deep Sea (2006)
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The best IMAX movie I have EVER seen - EXTRAORDINARY!, 6 March 2006

This movie is an absolute must-see. The underwater cinematography is outstanding. I am a scuba diver and have been snorkeling many times and the images in this movie made me long for the sea. This film captures the incredible adrenaline-pumping feeling of what it is like to be under the sea, to be visiting what feels like another universe on our own planet. The visual images are amazing. For example, the movie will show a shot of a certain part of a reef and you'll be staring right at it and BOOM a fish who was perfectly camouflaged into the reef will pop right out at you. The 3-D effects rock.

What most impressed me about this film was that I learned about and saw beautiful pictures of countless species I never even knew existed before. To be 38 years old and see a species on this planet you've never seen before is pretty cool. Additionally, I learned a lot about the habits of many of these creatures that I had no clue about.

In sum, great entertainment for adults. You cannot leave without learning something new. Also a wonderful, highly entertaining film for children.