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Better than the first by a mile, 6 August 2012

First off, yes, much better than the first.... thank god, more locations, funnier and better put together.

No time from opening credits, its straight into the action, which is more epic imo, and is what should have been seen in the first film but maybe due to a low budget we were subjected to a lesser affair The team work well, all of them and Hemsworth does really well as the new boy on the block and second time round and you kind of know these guys. Arnie, bruce are seen more but are not seen as much as the usual gang, and li is seen the least.

Norris is great, seen here and there, great entrance and more of a cameo, and van damme makes good his role as the villain.

The story pretty much straight forward, better than the first, but nothing special, some dialogue was hard to hear, and sly does try to be serious in some scenes which got a laugh and I don't think its how it was intended but its not that much of a big deal really as there are funny moments in the film, more so than the first film.

Fight scenes were better this time round, not too prolonged, timed well, and the one on ones didn't drag on too long. Sly & van damme's fight could have been a bit longer but I guess after all the chaos leading up to that point it was sufficient enough without getting too silly, reminded me of a Rocky fight here and there....he he One liners were good, dolph was great, the girl is good also, be good to see her in exp3, locations and sets fab, cgi was not obvious and edited well.

One thing I will say is sly does have issues coming across as funny and I don't know why. He's funny in real life and was funny in rocky but its hit and miss and it shows here in some scenes.

Its not 10/10 in my book. Maybe when i see it again it may be better in my mind, but like i say a better story would of helped If there is a 3rd, I would like to see more of a story if that is at all possible, see what you think guys when its out, but it's a big improvement on the first and that's a good sign

This Is It (2009)
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He Still has it, 28 October 2009

just saw it. His voice was great, MJ even explained in the film that he was holding back as to not strain his voice. His moves, well, at first i thought he was really stiff, and not performing well, but you can see he was not as sharp, but that was held back also, he was just pitching his moves, after all, he doesn't really need to go for it, but could he of hit 50 dates at the o2? i don't know. Its' not until he goes for it during Billie Jean where you Can see he still had it. Not something i would get on DVD, but you can expect more footage to come at some point with the release of more of the 3d footage. Overall its worth seeing, more so if you are a fan.

Rambo (2008)
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Sly has done it again and proved he is the king of action, 6 February 2008

where do i begin....

OK most of you know the story so i wont repeat it.

After sending an email last week to get some tickets to a screening in London, i waited and got no reply.

But finally someone i work with came up to me holding 2 tickets and asked if i wanted to go, and off i went.

Sly was great, i cant believe he pulled it out of the bag again, easily my 2nd best Rambo after the 1st.

Some say he took a back seat, yes & no, he done what he had to do, and it was truly powerful and amazing.

The cgi used cutaway just right, the mercenaries were great, the ending, well, all i will say is Sly has aged really well.

Stunts were kept realistic, and what Sly has done here for the character of Rambo is truly great, he made Rambo less of a cartoon character, & more iconic, more of a hard ass, and it threw me at first the way Rambo was kinda of like "screw everything", which made it funny, but at the same time presented a different kind of Rambo which was pleasurable.

Out of Rocky & Rambo i must say i prefer Rambo, and my expectations were met, yes more hand to hand would of been nice, but the movie just flowed so beautifully & is more realistic for it, truly amazing.

Sly has reinvented the action movie and Rambo has grown up and is taking no crap.

The movie goers have spoken, this is what movies are about, and not forgetting the horrors that are happening in Burma, Sly has addressed and informed us without being preachy.

Well done Sly.

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Balboa shocks the World, 14 December 2006

Balboa is gonna hit so many people in different ways.

I suppose you can look at any great film and see a message in there, but the Rocky franchise is so inspirational, even the 5th one.

This new film has had me thinking, and though some reviews have said it's a trip down memory lane and a rehash of the 1st, well the point is, as reflected in the film, that Rocky IS living in the past, like so many of us do for one reason or another.

The message as stated in the film "you gotta keep moving forward", I don't know if its me or just pure genius, but if you LOOK you will find something that touches your soul throughout the franchise ..

So i wont drag this out...........

I left the theatre kind of stunned. Its been a long while since Rocko got back in the ring, and I, like everyone else, wanted a better film than Rocky V. Sly has wised up a lot over the years, and all I can say is....


The fact that its the 6th one, and to be honest, its no sci-fi film where you can really go to town on the plot, there is only so much you can do, and Sly has done it. Yeah, you could say that the plot mirrors Sly's life over the last few years, but all the Rocky's have done that in one way or another. This is Rocky back to his sweet and charming self, stunned with what life has thrown at him, and just going through the motions of, well, growing old, but still having that ambition to kick life in the balls and say "it ain't over til it's over". He looks great for 60, and doesn't over train for the final bout, he's kept it very realistic, and the fight itself is handled very well, and looks different to the recent wars we have been used to. The film isn't just about boxing, it's a drama, which will inspire you, if you can put your ego to one side and let it.

Paulie is fab, he calms things down and stops certain moments turning into what some people may call cheesy. Unfortunately people with no emotions call things cheesy, but they are the ones who have yet to learn what life can throw at you.

This film is up there with I & II, and I need to see it again!!!!!!!!


A perfect ending to the saga, and an amazing turn around for the franchise.