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Goof: riding seen, 8 December 2006

I love Phoebe Cates. So I had to give this movie a ten, even though I might be insane for doing so. I noticed that there were some goofs in the postings for this movie. I found another one. In the riding seen, Jim is sitting with Christine on the fence when Jordan decides to go "topless". When Bubba starts to chase her on his horse, you can see Jim running behind him. He is no longer on the fence. How many times do you think I had to see this movie to come up with that one? Martin Mull has a small role as the pharmacist in the drugstore where Christine is trying to buy condoms. He is not listed in the credits. Also, I noticed that Paula Abdul was in the credits for organizing the dance sequence. This must have been even before her singing career. She was a cheerleader for the Lakers' basketball team. This must have been one of her first jobs.