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Now You Tease Me, 1 June 2013

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

OK, I saw it for the second time on 6/4/13...and I want to change my entire review about it. I now enjoyed it SO much better! I did not leave the theater at all confused. I loved hearing audience reaction and being one of the very few in the know. I went with my family and from time to time my Mom would lean into me and ask questions. I had to keep telling her 'just watch!' LOL. When I watched it the first time I missed two minutes of it (elevator scene) so I was glad to finally see that! Awww! :)

This movie is just brilliant because you DO have to see it twice to catch on to everything.

I NOW give it a 9/10


This is what I said the first time on 6/1/13 ...I really don't know how I feel about this film after finally watching it because I was too amped up in watching it that I researched it, read updates from those who saw it and got excited, too excited as my expectations were a bit cheated. (Word of advice, don't read critiques or opinions prior to viewing it) I didn't really read about the film and or have it spoiled for me except seeing previews, videos and hearing so much praise for it that I was expecting mind blowing results but I'm reminded of this saying from Sheldon Cooper (Big Bang Theory) 'You told me it's mind-blowing, so my mind is going into it pre- blown, and once a mind is *pre*-blown, it cannot be *re*-blown.' that is EXACTLY how I felt leaving the theater. It was a great fun movie no doubt. I do not diminish anything about the film but I will say this you have to have the right mindset to thoroughly enjoy it. My only complaint is that there needed to be more development for the four horseman. (It could've used at least another 30 minutes if you ask me) because they needed more screen- time. Im not gonna give anything away but I was not all that blown away in the end. I kinda figured it out. However, great cast, great acting and I WILL see it again. See that is what was brilliant about it. TPTB made it in a way that YOU have to see it again. Whether its for pure enjoyment, catching up or you missed something the first time.


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A Sorkinite for LIFE!, 27 August 2012

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

I have followed Aaron Sorkin's career for a LONG time and I'm amazed with every single project he comes out with. I love, absolutely LOVE The Newsroom! Jeff Daniels nails this role as Will McAvoy! John Gallagher Jr is just such a cutie as Jim Harper and remember he was on The West Wing so he has some Sorkin background! Dev Patel is also one of my favorites as Neal but he needs an actual title for NewsNight 2.0. If you have been following or know Sorkin's past work then you know that its similar to Sports Night and combines a little The West Wing in The Newsroom. We are only 10 episodes in but I can not wait til next June for season TWO. Why, oh why do the seasons have to be so short? I don't know how I will wait for 10 months? I cant wait for all the dynamics of Jim/Maggie, Don/Sloan (hoping), Will/Mackenzie, love the bromance between Jim/Neal and even hoping for some drama between Don/Jim.

Thank you Sorkin for such a fabulous show and thanks to the cast, crew and everyone associated with Newsroom.

It sucks to have to wait for ten months but some have not seen all of Sorkin's work. Its time for you to catch up! The American President, Sports Night, The West Wing, Studio 60, Social Network and now The Newsroom. It should keep you busy for a while. But what about those who have already seen everything like myself. Well, I guess its time for a marathon party!

Get watching. ;)

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Thomas Horn was incredible in this film!, 12 June 2012

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

I have to say I've read quite a few bad reviews on here and I cant figure out why? Do you think Oskar's search was for nothing? Far from it! He helped another individual that was connected to his father in even a small way! That's a sort of Paying It Forward. But its not the story I want to review its the actor Thomas Horn who played Oskar Schell. Having experience in the industry myself and someone who studies actors for a living, I have to say Thomas has talent beyond his years. How he was able to sell to us on not only his character but everything he did, from his walk, from his physical acting with props and how he was able achieve all this as a 'rookie' is incredible! How he was able to keep it together through that extremely long monologue is beyond me. The movie was pretty much his playground and he just shined all the way through! If this was his first major role, I wonder how he auditioned in the first place? Most advanced or veteran actors couldn't pull it off let alone sell it and he SOLD IT! I hope this kid continues to share his talent and gets a lot of work in the near future. It wouldn't shock me if his mailbox is FULL of scripts, daily! Amazing! If I can be even 25% as good as that kid I will consider myself VERY lucky and talented. :)

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Improv-Anyways is what it should be called!, 28 May 2011

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

I love this show! I love seeing my favorite guys from Whose Line and seeing a couple new faces. However if you follow the Whose Line train and also Green Screen, Drew Carey Show you will see that Drew likes to stick with familiar! He also picked the best of the best. I will correct that by saying almost all. I'm not a big fan of Heather or Kathy but other than that the old crew is back and better than ever! Well, pretty flipping close! The one that shines the most is Jeff Bryan Davis, man has he gotten hotter since Whose Line, not that he wasn't gorgeous then but WOW! Plus he is getting to be at Ryan and Colin's caliber. He really has come out of his shell and has taken over! I love that about him. It looks like he's taken lessons from his mentor Ryan Stiles. Ryan seems to have taken him under his wing because he has put so much faith and trust into Jeff. FINALLY! He was good on Whose Line but there just wasn't enough of him on there. I follow this show religiously so I can say that he is in at least two games in every episode that he's in. Yes, this review is pretty much a lovefest for Mr. Davis but I do love seeing Ryan, Colin, Chip, Jonathan, and of course Drew. He's definitely improved since WLIIA. He looks damn good too! I'd like to see more of Wayne and Brad (however I'm not the biggest Brad fan as I don't see him being in it fully and at 100%) Jeff whether he's participating or on the sidelines is always in it 100%! I love his spirit on the show, Chip too. I also wanted to inform the fans that MGM is having all the guys back for more performances in June. Check the GSN facebook for more information! :) I think this show is a combination of Whose Line and Improv-A-Ganza. See my title. Keep watching and keep the faith. I think they will be back for a season 2!

School of Life (2005) (TV)
Inspirational, endearing and even funny., 10 November 2010

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

This movie was special and not because Ryan Reynolds was in it (and believe me I have mad love for RR) but because it hit me in a way that very few movies have had the success of doing. I am not an emotional type but I absolutely broke down after the credits rolled. I don't know what caused it but I was enthralled into the movie the entire hour and 50 minutes. The greatest gift an actor can hear is that the audience believed the character and that somehow they made an impact in your life. Ryan did just that. He has vastly become one of my all time favorite actors. I absolutely can not get enough of this wonderful, gorgeous man. I loved the storyline, the mystery about Mr D and how he approached his teaching. It was great to see Mr. Warner change his tune when he found out that Mr. D had lung cancer. What I liked about the mystery is that it wasn't just thrown at us. Little hints here and there were through out the film. It was only when Mr. D reacted after seeing Mr. Warners class learning about the lung and its functions that we knew something was wrong. Ryan's reaction was dead on for that scene. I loved the kid and his utmost respect for Mr. D's tactics. I wish most teachers taught like that. I definitely recommend this film to anyone who wants to see inspiration, endearment and funny mixed in one.

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I love this show almost ten years later!, 10 November 2010

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

I was trying to think of the perfect way to describe this show and after reading all the reviews on here, (which blows my mind at how much positive reviews there are! What were tptb thinking by canceling this show?!) you pretty much said it all, one or the other or all! But I will say that I enjoyed this show mainly because of the strong chemistry between Ryan, Richard, and Traylor. It was additions of Susan, Nathan and Jillian that really completed the bond. Everyone was great on the show. Though I hated the character Ashley, Susan Cryer was genius on that one! That was the point of the character. Hate to love. She did it beautifully. Nathan was fabulous as Johnny in seasons 3 and 4. He was a little shy at the start but when he became full time he really fell into place. Irene kind of bugged me at the end. I liked her when she was after Pete but I never felt she was a good match for Berg. Richard and Traylor were just wonderful (as was Sharon and Pete)! But my all time love of the show was indubitably Ryan Reynolds! Michael Bergen was just a brilliant character! I loved his mix of humor, drama and heart. Ryan played his character to the max and put so much heart into it. My acting coach says to find yourself in the character and RR does that impeccably. I mean look at his career now. That tells you all you need to know.

I will say as much as I love the show I did have a few issues with the partner swapping for one. The devilish attitude that Pete somehow developed in the latter of the series. The whole hookup with Ashley and Pete at the end. (I always thought that Pete and Ashley made a better couple to begin with.) Too rushed at the end of the last season and the network owed this show more time to prepare for its demise. Overall I recommend the show to anyone who cares for the great chemistry and tasteful humor. It deserved much more than it got and its severely missed.

Even after TEN years, this show still means the World to me!, 4 July 2010

I still can't believe it's been ten years since Boy Meets World retired! It's even harder on me because I literally grew up with these kids (Adults now!) It's especially memorable since I had the privilege of seeing the series finale in person. Yes! I got tickets to see the episode film. I was in the audience with the other 299 lucky ticket holders! I remember as if it happened last night! That is how vivid the memories are to me! I remember the director Jeff McCracken telling the cast, crew and audience that they were only going to get one shot at the final scene as he could see it was taking a toll on the cast and crew. Even though it was a hard one they got it exactly perfectly right! You saw the tears (it was real!) when it aired but what you didn't see was the tears and breakdowns after the camera stopped rolling and they wrapped the show. Every child, guy, girl, Mother, and Father was in tears, me included! At the curtain call we saw Danielle lose it completely and fall to her knees. Rider, Ben, Will, Danielle, Matthew Betsy, William (Russ/Daniels), the entire cast, crew and audience will never forget it! All the raw emotions bitter or sweet were poured out onto that stage on March 9th 2000! It will forever be a memory engraved into my mind and heart. You rarely can talk about a TV show like this these days. (No offense to Disney and the actors but the talent pool is nowhere near its strength as it was back in the 90s.) I can guarantee you that if you took a poll asking a 100 people what their all time favorite TV show was that 90% would choose shows from the 90s. I'm not going to say this show was 100%, I'd be lying and full of it if I did. This show had it inconsistencies and blatant ones but the lessons and messages this show carried I will forever be grateful for and no doubts pass on down to my own kids someday. You won't find a show that has this great of an ensemble class, ever. The chemistry was unbelievable! This was a lightening in a bottle and forever will be one of my all time favorites. Boy Meets World…well for me, it was Girl Meets World. :)

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This show and especially this episode was EPIC!, 16 November 2009

I will be honest I just joined the fanship recently but I absolutely LOVE this show! And we just saw the best episode of the season, and maybe the series TONIGHT! "Adhesive Duck Deficiency" The best scenes were with the guys camping for a 'science' project. It was meant for the meteor shower and actually they ended up HIGH forgetting why they went there in the first place instead. They told stories of their past; Howard slept with his second cousin, Raj wanted to be the Rabbit KING and Leonard (LeoNERD) hating his name. That entire storyline was probably the funniest they've had for a long time.

The second plot with Sheldon and Penny was enjoyable but wasn't as strong as the camping scenes. SP Shippers would think differently but as much as I enjoyed the 'boob' scene, Sheldon driving (when he's only practiced on a simulator) and the ER scene. The most enjoyed scene (for me anyway) was the 'Soft Kitty' round.

And though I may be new, I am all caught up as if I've been a fan for the entire run.

If you haven't already joined the bandwagon, better jump on before there is no more room.

What am I saying? There is always room.

The more the merrier! :)

If you are looking to get into the industry, I recommend this very much!, 29 July 2008

I have seen this movie a number of times but I never left my feedback. But I have to say something on one of the most creative and innovative movies ever to be made. How they all can remember not only their lines, but direction and substance is phenomenal! Whether you want to get into theater or films you should, no, you HAVE to see this movie! It is amazingly scripted, acted and a laugh non-stop masterpiece! Ritter, Reeves and Elliot who are no longer with us (a crying shame for the entertainment industry) was impeccable, even when they mucked up. I wonder how much rehearsal and takes it took to get it right? Being an aspiring actress myself this will definitely go in my vault of favorites. Run, don't walk to your closest video store and BUY this movie! I PROMISE you, you will NOT regret it!

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Why the Ryan Seacrest hate?, 15 March 2008

Do you realize how hard that man works? I looked over a bunch of these reviews and I just don't get the beef some of you have with Ryan Seacrest. I know's he recently been throwing jabs at Simon Cowell a lot lately but that is just how their friendship works. He said on the radio that they are 'good friends and are not afraid to say whatever they want without hurting feelings.' He is only defending himself and paying Simon back for all the nasty remarks thrown his way in the past seasons. Does it escape your memory of what occurred in seasons 1-5? So now he is finally defending himself and fighting back. Good for him. He may at times go overboard or be over defensive but his beef with Simon mainly is he has to build these people back up after Simon completely destroys their confidence and that wasn't in the job description originally, so it's not fair that he has to put these kids back together. Ryan's idea is to add direction so they are not continuing down the wrong or same path. Criticize all you want but give the kids a little advice one in a while. They are inexperienced in the field and just beginning to get their feet wet and Simon doesn't always help the transition. I don't want this to turn into a hatred for Simon, because that is not the case, in fact I like the guy but sometimes he aggravates me with his ongoing put-downs towards the kids, Paula Abdul and Ryan. (Notice how he never touches Randy Jackson with any insults.) He goes too far sometimes. I have respect for the cast, the show and everything that comes with it. However I don't understand how Simon can always get a pass for being downright rude in the past and not take what he served right back. What is the saying. 'If you can't take it, don't dish it.' Well Ryan is dishing him out a second helping. I applaud him for that even if I'm the only one on his side, so be it. I will stand up for him.

I guess it helps to have a personal encounter with the man, too. I went to visit KIISFM 102.7 because my buddy JoJo Wright invited me up to hang out with him and be on the radio but when I got there Ryan was there and I accidentally ran into him. I inconvenienced him by literally running into him and he was very nice and shook my hand while I was apologizing perfusively to him for running smack dab into him. He smiled with that sweet smile of his and my day was made.

Anyway my purpose of even commenting on this is that since I had a personal run in with the guy, I can tell you he is very sincere when he is dealing with the contestants and people like myself. He is fabulous at what he does for Idol, KIIS, E! and T40. And it doesn't hurt that is is good looking, too.

Simon, Paula, and everyone, lay off the man. Please. :)

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