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Excellent movie, 5 March 2006

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This isn't exactly the Canterbury Tales, but I enjoyed it VERY much. I think Ledger is a terrific actor with great talents. It doesn't hurt that he is attractive. This was probably the first movie, other than the Patriot, that I really got to see Ledger's work since Riot. This movie was probably the one that made me a huge fan of his. I love the Cinderella type story this movie has. The soundtrack was carefully and appropriately selected. The action is perfect for the guys. The romance it just enough for the ladies. All the way around this is a great movie. It almost makes you want to watch every film possible from this era. I think the cast works wonderfully together.

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Awesome movie, 5 March 2006

My little ones have watched this movie SO much I fear we are wearing out the tape! It explains things in ways that I would have never considered and in a way that isn't against our beliefs. Some of the issues presented in the film I have always wondered how to explain them to little ones before they were old enough to understand. This film does it perfectly. Also, it clarified them for me. I mean, the issues raised are difficult for adults to grasp and live by. This really explains the way we SHOULD be doing living those concepts and explained them deeper--that certain emotions and words can go against many of the "Original Top 10". It really does help. I'd love to buy more for friends and family, but having a hard time finding extras.