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All one has to do to start a fight on the internet is type any of the following persons' names absolutely anywhere, perhaps followed by "this person sucks" or "this person rules" (either will suffice). After doing that, just sit back and watch the fires burn.

Honestly, why do these celebs elicit such titanic emotional reactions from people?
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Inform me of more, if you know of any.
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The following includes all the movies that appear on Roger Ebert's list of most hated films, plus several others that he wrote extremely scathing reviews of. Snippets from his reviews are included in quotation marks.
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Suggestion for additions welcome.
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This list isn't nearly as long as my 'ships and boats' list, so definitely feel free to inform me of more.
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Hollywood once took a REALLY dim view of blacks and Asians, to say the least.
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Hey, I actually like some of these, so no flames; but you gotta admit, none are particularly subtle, and they all contain a liberal dosage of syrup.
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Yes, I'm aware a large proportion of the films on this list are considered crummy. Still, the same thing could be said of a vast number of movies with male action heroes.
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Please, folks; no calling Ebert a "fatass" or a "hack" because he liked these movies. EVERY person on the planet has a few generally-hated movies that they think are underrated and a few generally-loved movies that they think are overrated. Leonard Maltin, for example, liked 'Laserblast' but disliked 'Taxi Driver'.

Oh, and by the way, I don't know of as many generally-hated films that Ebert liked as I do films that he simply hated. Inform me of more.
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