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Very good show, 1 February 2008

I have watched the pilot twice now and both times I was stunned. The show is about Eli who is a lawyer that suddenly starts hearing George Michael and other "voices" that brings him to do cases to help people. He saves their lives in a sense by taking their cases. We find out that maybe one reason he hears the voices is because he has a brain aneurysm. But in another sense Eli may just be a prophet for our generation.

The show has a stunning cast and Eli is very relate able and turns out to be a really good guy. Dr. Cheng is another great character who is a Chinese acupuncturist. He is more of a surfer dude, but a really good Wise with a mind full of wise wisdom.

The show is emotional funny but overall really good that makes me, and possibly more people, how we live our life.

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Best show on TV!, 28 February 2007

As for the whole Departed rip off... THINK AGAIN! I love Scorsese and would never put him down, I've seen the Departed 5 times, and this show does not even attempt to rip it off. The Departed is all about mix ups and backstabbing. Although The Departed does take place in a poor Irish neighborhood, The Black Donnelys take a whole new approach. This show is all about, well... brotherly love. Tommy will go so far as to go against everything he isn't to protect his brothers. This show does not start out slow at all. It is up in your face by second 1 and doesn't slow down. The intro is cool too. I almost think it will rise above The Sopranos (one of the greatest!) it is that good.

This is not a TV show, it is more a movie that is to long for theaters so they chopped it up and put it into a TV show.

As for what it replaced Studio 60 sucked. It was slow and dull and a wannabe attempt to try and make an entourage (the whole going into the actors behind the scenes life wise, not premise wise)show and did not work. That headline a while ago should be, WHAT was on before THE BLACK DONNELYS!

Please, if you even seem to like Scorsese or Guy Ritchie films whatsoever, WATCH THIS! You will not regret it!