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A very exclusive club: Actors that have appeared in 2 or more separate/unrelated film trilogies; or otherwise portrayed at least 2 different characters in at least 3 films each.

Voice acting is included, but made-for-TV films, straight-to-video releases, and video games are not - only Hollywood theatrical releases.

(I say 'Hollywood' because I'm not really delving into Bollywood, Hong Kong cinema, or other non-U.S. film industries. Nothing against them, I just don't know them as well.)

Actor does not have to appear in all films of a series, or even 3 films consecutively to be counted: As long as he or she has been in 3 or more films in 2 different series, it counts.

Actors are listed chronologically by when they joined this club - based on release year of their second threepeat. The release year of each qualifying performance is shown in parentheses.

I'm not as knowledgeable about films from the 70s and earlier. Did I leave anyone off, or make any other mistakes? Please comment below if so. Thanks!
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These are the best TV series of all time with titles that begin with the 2 letters 'Or' and end with the word 'Black'. Enjoy and please post comments if I missed any, thanks!