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A very exclusive club: Actors that have appeared in 2 or more separate/unrelated film trilogies; or otherwise portrayed at least 2 different characters in at least 3 films each.

Voice acting is included, but made-for-TV films, straight-to-video releases, and video games are not - only Hollywood theatrical releases.

(I say 'Hollywood' because I'm not really delving into Bollywood, Hong Kong cinema, or other non-U.S. film industries. Nothing against them, I just don't know them as well.)

Actor does not have to appear in all films of a series, or even 3 films consecutively to be counted: As long as he or she has been in 3 or more films in 2 different series, it counts.

Actors are listed chronologically by when they joined this club - based on release year of their second threepeat, which is included in parens.

I'm not as knowledgeable about films from the 70s and earlier. Did I leave anyone off, or make any other mistakes? Please comment below if so. Thanks!
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These are the best TV series of all time with titles that begin with the 2 letters 'Or' and end with the word 'Black'. Enjoy and please post comments if I missed any, thanks!