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So accustomed are we to see actresses bare their breasts that we don't often realize how comparatively rare it is to see actors show similarly intimate sexual characteristics. Here's a list of actors who have done full-frontal nudity and the films they did it in. "Cheats" included.
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This fan casting is pure fantasy. I have no wish to see any other live-action film adaptations of "Harry Potter" for as long as I live.
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Half the fun of waiting for the next James Bond film is speculating on who could be the next villain. Since (SPOILER ALERT!) Blofeld is alive and imprisoned by the end of SPECTRE, it's likely the next movie will see him either break out or orchestrate his next scheme from inside his cell, Dr. Mabuse-style. So most of the following picks would likely play another high-ranking member of SPECTRE carrying out his commands or trying to break him out.
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While the actresses cast as Bond women have all been consistently good, the writing for their characters has been noticeably regressing ever since "Casino Royale" reached a peak with Eva Green's Vesper Lynd. The following actresses would all make fine Bond women, and deserve well-written, complex characters.
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A list of who I would cast for HBO's upcoming adaptation of "I, Claudius".
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The pitch: Batman has been active in Gotham City for décades now, and his heroics combined with Commissioner Gordon and Distric Attorney Harvey Dent's work against police corruption have resulted in a distinct drop in violent street crime and drug trade. However, the emergence of a new, stranger kind of criminal, whose backstories and psyche often mirror his own, leads Batman to realize the limits of his old methods and solitude. By recruiting Dick Grayson and Barbara Gordon and co-founding the Justice League, he hopes to pave the way for a future generation of crimefighters better suited to the new threats to peace, freedom and security.
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A list of the best films - that I have seen so far - about love. Not just the most romantic films ever made, the list also encompasses the films that depict amorous relationships most truthfully and/or most poignantly.