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Best explanation of Tourette's yet
26 March 2006
This documentary should be shown in every school in America. It's the best simple explanation yet of a complex and widely misunderstood affliction, Tourette's Syndrome. The makers of the documentary chose to include only the voices of children, which was a brilliant decision. The kids pour out their hearts, often in ways that are painful to watch, about how difficult it is to have Tourette's in a world where understanding is hard to come by. Without seeking any pity, just by talking and explaining their tics, they show phenomenal poise, likability, and often amazing wisdom -- not just about Tourette's, but about respect in general, for all people who are "different." This video would be an excellent teaching tool in classrooms for educating not only students, but also teachers -- and not only just about Tourette's Syndrome, but also about basic decency and empathy toward other human beings.
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