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This Film is excellent. Please Support., 2 March 2006

This is a film about the true Nature of all People. Though it focuses through an African American lens, showcasing some of the struggles that many of us contend with on a daily basis, Skee Skinner has directed a truly unique, universally understandable work. The difference between this and so many other countless "urban" dramas lies in the central question that this film poses: 'Does sin have weight?' Not only does this cryptic question anchor the film, it manages to plant seeds in the minds of the audience members about the states of their own lives. People from all walks of life will find some way to relate to at least one character in this film, and be completely understanding of their actions. On a technical note, some of the cinematographic choices made little sense to me initially, however, the overall through line of the film is quite non-linear, and as such, those initial 'hmmm's' begin to dissipate like "his use of the color red." This is an intelligent film that underscores the lives of not only the Hip-Hop generation, towards whom so much ignorant media is targeted lately, but also to our parents, and grandparents who have survived decades only to watch the deterioration of a people. This Film strives to speak against all of that negativity by offering positive alternatives. How, when, and what they are is left for you to decide.