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Step Up (2006)
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Definitely a feel good movie!, 17 June 2007

As with anything of the arts, it's personal taste. While the plot was simple and somewhat predictable, it was brought off beautifully by spot-on casting. If someone is expecting the acting prowess of Harrison Ford or Meryl Streep, they're watching the wrong movie. That's not what Step Up is about. But if you want casting that befits the roles in the movie to a tee, this is your show. I'm definitely not into chick flicks and wouldn't categorize this as one. Even my husband, who has 2 left feet on the dance floor, repeatedly watched the dance finale with me. The music just added to an already enriching performance. The dance moves were superb and astoundingly well-choreographed. Hats off to all involved.

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Plot isn't bad, 1 March 2006

While the plot of the movie wasn't bad and almost plausible, the camera work was extremely distracting and a bit annoying. The camera person seemed to zoom in and out and all over the place for no apparent reason. Saw something similar to that camera work during the 1989 earthquake of Northern California while attempting to film the World Series. Enough to make one motion-sick. Too bad since the acting was okay and the general theme wasn't bad. Special effects were acceptable. The movie was entertaining as far as disaster movies go. Probably wouldn't see it again but worth a peek if you can get past the camera work.