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A timeless and beautiful story for all ages., 28 February 2006

A wonderful story about goodness and evil in the world, with beautiful animation, timeless and beautiful music, some frightful events and endearing characters who show compassion and kindness to someone in need. I'm so grateful to have seen this movie in my childhood in an old and opulent movie theater when there were still red velvet curtains with gold light fixtures and an organ that came up out of the floor... when going to the movie was a very special occasion. Every Disney movie I saw in my childhood certainly befitted the opulent surroundings in which it was viewed by countless wide-eyed children who still love those movies as we share them with our grandchildren. We saw no religious or other symbolism in the evil queen with the apple, nor did we see Snow White's name as anything other than what it was. Our impressive little minds were not tarnished by any stereotyping of the dwarfs or the ugly witch or anything else. And the adorable bluebirds and other animals of the forest were just big bonuses for our wide-eyed innocence as we went home singing the opera-like tunes. Thanks, Walt, for this gift. I'm watching it with my daughters and grandchildren this Saturday - passing the torch.