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best film I have ever seen!
18 June 2007
Warning: Spoilers
I loved this film, it was an excellent homage to Pride and Prejudice Lalita as Lizzie, Jaya as Jane I loved all the name mix ups although I did notice there was only 4 sisters instead of 5! Wickham and Darcy were extremely well done with the updated stories for both of them. Wickham's mum being Nurse to Darcy and Wickham being Golf caddie to Mr Darcy. I loved the colours and dances but most of all the songs! Take me to love is so sad but I Love the different versions they do throughout the film to reflect what's going on at the time. A well acted, directed, written, sung and danced film it is my most favourite film in the whole world! And I can't help but sing along.
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Xena: Warrior Princess: The Bitter Suite (1998)
Season 3, Episode 12
Absolutely excellent!
21 April 2007
Warning: Spoilers
I loved this episode it was a good way to convey the emotions and feelings by Gabrielle and Xena towards each other about the death of their respective without the story being too dark or dragging on for several episodes why they tried to work it out. Xena and Gabrielle are thrust into Illusia where Xena seemingly kills Gabrielle but it turned out to be an illusion(the name Illusia get it?) they are then both taken to the place where it all started, with Dayhok and Gabrielle becoming impregnated because Xena wanted revenge on Caesar. The both realise that neither of them was to blame it was just something that was meant to be. A truly first class episode and the music and lyrics were planned perfectly to match mood and situation.
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5 December 2006
Warning: Spoilers
I really loved this episode because it's not often we see many of Spike's or Buffy's feelings and you got to know what it's like to be Giles, about how unappreciated he feels because if you ask him to do something he'll do it and you don't often hear a thank-you. It was also good to see the real things that go through a soon-to-be-married couple's heads, the worries, the frustration, the confusion and it wasn't all about slaying a vampire that's trying to kill everyone, i think although he knew what he was doing the demon loved the entertainment of everyone's feelings coming out and ruining their lives rather then the deaths themselves, although he did seem to like that as well.
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Maybe Baby (2000)
It's OK
28 March 2006
Warning: Spoilers
Personally I thought this film was a bit of a mixture, on the on hand you had Sam secretly writing their story even though Lucy didn't want him to but on the other hand he kept saying things to th person who was playing him that really made you feel sorry for him and Lucy about no matter how hard they tried they couldn't get a child.

Also it was quit a good story but sometimes i found the acting was a bit flat I mean come on if you read that your wife had snogged someone else wouldn't you demand the truth out of her or walk out in anger rather then just sitting there and then kissing her? And what was with growing his hair? I've heard of mourning but that was just ridiculous!
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It's great!
27 March 2006
Warning: Spoilers
This film is absolutely fabulous! It's great to see someone who feels something for Wallace (even if they don't get together in the end.) It's also good to finally see Wallace standing up for himself and his lady love. It's also full of great comedy like when Victor pinned Lady T's hair to the marrow and said "You look good with your hair pinned back." And the little bunnies are SO sweet, they can be really funny and really sweet. Also this film is full of bad puns but it they come off as funny because it IS Wallace and Gromit, my favourite was when Gromit open the storage tin marked "Buns" and there were 3 bunnies inside it and also (some of you may not get this.) The carrot sign that is ripped down said "Harvey's" as in the giant invisible rabbit of the film Harvey. Time and again this film will always be a classic and you see something new every time.
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It's really sweet
27 March 2006
It really is a great show, Extreme Makeover was good enough but in How'd they do that? you get to see all the trials and tribulations they had to go through to get this project done, I've only seen a few of them but it is really nice to see, especially when you get to see how Ty does his secret rooms. It's good to see that things don't always go to plan like in one I recently watched where it took 3 attempts to pull the house down and another where they had to wait 10 minutes for the family because they were singing "The wheels on the bus." and to put their coats on. It really is a great show because you can see how they did it and if it's simple (though it is EXTREME makeover) you can make it yourself.
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It's so sweet
7 March 2006
Warning: Spoilers
It's a really lovely show that makes over houses for free because you deserve it. It's basically a charity show and it's so good to see that there are people that care and aren't just there for the money because they all care so much and really get touched by these peoples stories. My favourite was the 2 hour special about the little girl who had cancer but all she wanted was to make over the hospital for the kids, so they did her house in secret and it was so great to see them install all these new gadgets and purifiers so that she couldn't get sick because if she did she could die. The most recent one I saw on UKTV Gold was sweet though this family had lost their parents only 16 days apart. I'm not going to say anymore though so watch it and see if you agree that it's as touching as I say it is.
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