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A good show, 27 April 2008

I really liked Crossing Jordan, I hope that someone picks up the torch and runs with it. A great cast, & story line. Put a spin on it, shake it up...but please, bring it back on...someday, soon. Use story lines out of the news, bring guest stars that are either not been seen for awhile or vice versa. Maybe they could bring back the actor (can't think of his name, sorry) Quincy, Jack Clubman (If this is wrong, sorry again). Just because they work with death every day, make story's about other cases...its not a must be death crime, maybe Jordan can branch out. They could if they want to continue it, have her like CSI or a doctor...the she can go back to the other...This just my opinion, but it was a good show.

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Your, mine, & ours 2?, 27 April 2008

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The original "Yours, Ours, & Mine", which is a good movie on its own was not the same movie so why didn't they just call it a different movie. The movie break down, Yours...Ours...Mine, they forgot the mine part. Man & Woman meet, fall in love, meet each others children. Who would not meet their soon to be mate's children, before saying "I do"? So, is their going to be a Yours, mine, & ours part 2. To bring in the ours part, look at the original movie to help you make it. I like this movie, I really do...but they changed so many things. They might have just called it: Mine versus Yours or Mine & Yours, sometimes its good to change some of the original movie in a remake but not even mention the our part...wonder minds.

Young MacGyver (2003) (TV)
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Uncle MacGyver?, 22 March 2008

MacGyver could be an uncle, I was an Aunt around 13. My Dad was an uncle when he was born, his nephew was 10-16 years old. About not being said that MacGyver had siblings, this could be explained. His Father had a son, and then he meets his dad and he has a son. Or in their late teens Macgyver & his brother had a fight, and it took a long time before they made up. I wish I had a chance to of seen this show, I liked MacGyber a whole lot. If anyone else makes another MacGyver/nephew, maybe Richard Dean Anderson would help the show start up. He could make up with his brother, or have it where he has been living with his brother & nephew. Teaching his nephew by example, then MacGyver could retire. MacGyver could get married, or already married and find out they are going to be parents?