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Creepshow 3 (2006) (V)
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So disappointed, 22 June 2009

This movie let me down in every way. If i hadn't loved the first 2 so much , i wouldn't have wasted my time with this horrid movie. I had to struggle with myself from throwing this movie in the garbage. The best part of this whole DVD ( if i had to give it one ) had to be the doctor in the last story. The doctor made me laugh a few times , with his a$$hole antics .The story's were terrible, the acting was worse , The mental scars i have from subjecting myself to this crap are gonna take some time to heal. All in all if your thinking of watching this movie.....Please don't. Please Don't. ITs that bad . I cant believe they allowed this to be called creepshow. So disappointed.I cant believe someone gets paid to create this kind of crap.

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Please don't, 20 February 2009

Spoiler alert !!! This movie Stinks! Please if you haven't seen this movie ....Don't! Don't waste your time. This movie lacks all that is good with our beloved king of queens. Stop any of your friends from watching this movie. Its the best gift you can give them. If i was locked in a room for year , and all i had was a TV playing this movie , suicide would be my first choice , other then watching this HORRIBLE movie again. please don't make a sequel please consider burning any copy you come across. Naw but really this movie was great . a real feel good. ha ha ha Movie stinks. 2 out of 11. Never again will i even look at kevin james the same way.

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This Movie is Genius, 27 February 2006

This movie is one of the most Underrated movie of its time. When watching this movie , your filled with action, and when somethings not really happing , the humour is un matched. Brilliant writing for a movie that was made to give us a bloody mix , of a game show where criminals are the contestants, and a near future where the general public all have a thirst for blood.Also Arnold Doesn't let us down with some of his best one liners.I don't want to spoil anything for you ,but i will tell you when Arnold gives his "I'll be back line" He gets the best response of them all in this movie. Hope you enjoy this gem as much as i did.