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Pure Fun, 30 September 2006

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I must say, when I heard Pixar was doing an original Super hero film, I had my doubts. But after I saw "The Incredibles", I was begging for a sequel. The movie starts out simply enough, Mr. Incredible fighting crime, and when he tries to stop someone from committing suicide, he gets sued for injuring said person which forces all super-powered people to go into hiding. Years later, Mr. Incredible has "settled down" and had a family... all of whom have superpowers too. One day, an old friend calls on him and creates him a new costume and is then sent on a mission. When his family finds out, they go after him, creating a team much like Marvel's Fantastic 4. In conclusion, if you are a fan of Pixar films and the Fantastic 4, you will love this movie!

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I Love This Show!, 27 July 2006

And I know that I'll be the only one... but this is from my favorite Comic Book writer (Stan Lee) and is an interesting show to watch... even after the Premiere! Fat Momma cracks me up, Cell Phone Girl scares me, and all the other heroes in training have something about them that makes you love them. The only problem I have with this is that some of the heroes are actors or actresses... so they have already been on TV... they should have gone with the American Idol approach and made it average people that you can find on the streets. In conclusion, I love this show and hopes it gets more a few more seasons. If you appreciate Stan Lee's work and have 6 free weeks, watch this show and you will be pleasantly surprised. I am disappointed that the third place finisher got eliminated though...