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"Everyday" (1978)
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A nice variety show that should have lasted longer..., 30 July 2007

It is hard to believe that nearly 30 years have passed since the short-lived "Everyday" variety show aired. It was good, wholesome television entertainment. I guess that I was one of the few that was sorry to see it leave the air. I remember it well because I was a college student at the time, having just moved from New York to Los Angeles. I had a part-time delivery job that put me near Television City's CBS Studios in Hollywood in the early evenings - precisely the time when the "Everyday" show taped. I sat in the studio audience for many of the shows. It was always fun, and the featured guests were often big celebrities. In addition to regular cast members Tom Chapin, Murray Langston, John Bennett Perry (who's son Matthew became a big television star years later) and Stephanie Edwards, I particularly remember seeing an interview with Lucie Arnaz and a musical performance by a Peter Yarrow (of Peter, Paul and Mary fame). There was also an upbeat "Everyday" band. Tom Chapin & John Bennett Perry sang songs with them frequently. The "Everyday" theme song was very catchy too. It would be interesting to hear a recording of it again after all these years. Does anyone know if that exists?