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Iceland (1942/I)
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Poor Movie --- Good Music, 4 December 2006

The storyline for the movie was nothing special. The skating was excellent for its' time and the music from the SK Orch. was excellent. Of course, I was partial to the Dad was in the band as lead trumpet player at the time and I watched the movie for that reason. He was front and center most of the time and it was neat to see him in the movie and think that as I was watching him in the movie, I was older than he was then. My Dad passed away in 1991 and it was really nice to finally find this movie on a few years ago. My sister and I "taped" it to have for the memories. John Payne did all he could with the poor storyline and made it enjoyable. Sterling Holliway was a pleasant surprise since my Dad talked about him often and that they were friends.

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It's a Wonderful Life, 15 November 2006

This movie outdoes them all for me. It shows that no matter how downtrodden you feel about your life, your mere presence in this world impacts on the people around you. In George's life, he felt he was a failure and didn't get to do the things that would make him happy, such as traveling, building things, etc..... However, in the end, he learned a very powerful lesson that he did a lot of good in his life and therefore, made others lives better. In the end, he saw that he was surrounded by family and friends and in reality, we don't need anything more! George has many contemporaries today that feel the same way. I, for one, feel that I have not achieved all that I have wanted to but then, I look back on my career and see that I have done my best to impact on others in a positive way. This movie impacts us all in that it shows we are successful if we do our normal jobs to the best of our ability and treat others well. We leave our mark on society without even knowing it just by "being".