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"Sijamci" (1981)
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Sijamci aka Siamese twins, 15 February 2007

An excellent mini-series about two little twin boys and their divorced parents (Dragan Nikolic and Milena Dravic). The parents have split their apartment in two parts and there is just one mutual door between them. One boy belonged to mother and the other one to father. The boys are not allowed to hang out together, but since they are going to the same school, they use every opportunity to make plans how to get their parents back together. There are also their school problems and adventures with their teacher and the school headmaster (Miodrag Petrovic'Ckalja') and their girl friend who helps the twins solving their problem with the parents.This is a very interesting and amusing comedy, somewhat like The Parent Trap (1998), only in the Serbian way.

Illuminata (1998)
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Illuminating!, 17 June 2006

Brilliantly directed and acted, although not very popular movie. For those who don't now how it's like to work and live in the theatre this movie explains it all. It's charming and bewitching, incredibly funny and romantic and above all very truthful. This is a masterpiece! Made by a man who knew what he was doing and who obviously spent a lot of his time on stage. The most important thing in one actor's life is love, which inspires him to create. Tuccio is in his middle age crisis and he wrote a play about a husband who leaves his wife for a much younger woman. The play is very modern for that time and nobody seems to understand it, except Tuccio's wife who knows about his affair with popular actress Celimene. Christopher Walken is terrific in his role of gay-critic Bevalaqua! In few words - YOU MUST SEE THIS FILM!

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The best novel adaptation EVER!!!, 7 May 2006

Well, I have read the novel, of course, and it was excessively boring, like all of Mr. Bazac's I must say. The novel is more about bonds and money and it's kind of a good bible for those who have money problems, but it's definitely NOT the sort of story that films can be made on. Howevwr, when I watched the film Cousin Bette for the first time I was more then surprised. Boring and tragic novel became a lively comedy with such intelligent intrigues and lovely songs that Jenny Cadine (Elizabeth Shue) sings through the film. Every character is made with great precision and care, just like in Gone With the Wind. Acting is truthful and excellent in all aspects. The director Des McAnuff has taken care of every detail. Theatre lovers will be delighted. And for once again English movie proves that English people know France and French people better than French people do.