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Kelly was a great guy to work with., 17 January 2007

I worked on this show and Kelly was a wonderful guy. He was was a down to earth hard working good guy. Sinatra was a pro., no fuss just showed up and sing with Kelly, then right out the door and back to the parking lot. All of the former leading ladies were easy to work with. Lucy worked hard on her dance number, and was more serious than you might imagine. Nice memories of a simpler time. The show shot in the late '70's and today's stars don't hold a candle to these entertainers. I had to meet Sinatra and his driver (Sarge)in the parking lot and bring him backstage. It was in Dec., he wished me a Merry Christmas, and smiled as he passed the dressing rooms of Kelly's leading ladies. Maybe he was thinking of the good times he had working with them also. He was in and out of the auditorium within 45 minutes. Most of the leading ladies were still beautiful, especially Cyd. Natalie Wood was my favorite but she had to cancel at the last minute. I think any Kelly fan will enjoy the show, which was directed by Marty Pasetta.