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fun action/horror/thriller anime, 1 July 2014

Maybe I'm just getting old, because I really liked this show, yet couldn't put it in the category of favourites like Elfen Lied or Claymore.

It revolves around Rentaro, a civil service officer in the Tokyo area of the near future. For the past 10 years Gastrea, man-eating monsters, have been constantly attacking humanity and are being just held at bay by huge monolith fortifications around the city made of Varanium, the only material that is impervious to their attacks. Rentaro is aided by Enju, one of the Cursed Children. These are all female girls with red eyes and extraordinary abilities, brought about by having part Gastrea in their blood. Eventually, the Gastrea find a way around or through the monoliths and someone needs to save Tokyo...

This show has great animation and characters with plenty of bloody violence, which I dig. Yet, I felt something was lacking, because I couldn't put it up there with my old favourites. Maybe I'm just getting too old for this stuff haha. Anyway, for you younger guys, check this out, it's fun!

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enjoyable mystery/horror anime, 30 June 2014

I liked this show, but it could have been so much better.

It starts with Ryouta Murakami, a high school student who misses his long lost (girl) friend who he thought died in a freak accident when they were kids. Then one day a girl who looks just like his old friend, and even has a similar name, transfers to his class. He confronts her and she says she isn't his old friend, but he finds out she is a witch. He then goes on to meet other friends of hers who are witches too. They are being hunted down and murdered by the secret organisation that made them witches and Murakami helps them escape.

This show is kind of dark, with plenty of grisly deaths (most of which were censored in the copy I saw), but it also has some light-hearted moments, either to keep it from being too serious or just for the sake of being weird (is there such a thing as too weird in anime?). I personally would have preferred it to have taken the serious route, but it still works this way as the light-hearted stuff was mostly ecchi anyway, which isn't so bad. The story line was interesting and the characters were well developed (for only a 13 episode show) and the animation was great. So overall, I say, enjoy!

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watchable action/fantasy..., 27 June 2014

...just don't be expecting anything too special.

Aruka (becomes 'Alka' by episode 2) is a female assassin from 'the clan of the sword'. She is extremely skilled and hunted relentlessly by the Emperor (Empire haha) and his formidable henchwoman, Jin Varrel, for vague reasons (threat?). Along her travels, she meets an array of mostly female characters, all of which are warriors.

That's pretty much all I can say without spoilers, but there really isn't much else to it anyway. The animation is quality, with some CGI thrown in, and there's plenty of action, a lot of which is pointless fighting. All the strong characters are scantily clad women, while the men play stupid, servile roles. There's not much room for character depth or epic story scope and the final episode is a complete waste of time. That being said, overall, it's still a decent action/fantasy anime, worth watching if you're bored.

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great fun!, 24 September 2013

Don't know why this anime was split into parts 1 and 2. I just watched episodes 1-26, so I'm going to review it as one show.

It starts with a rich family (the Joestars) adopting a poor boy named Dio. Dio is the same age as the Joestar's son, Jonathan, and they become fierce rivals at everything trying to get the attention of Jonathan's father. Initially, Dio is better at everything, but as they grow up, Jonathan catches up to Dio, making him bitter and twisted. One day, he finds a stone mask, that when attached to his face, transforms him into an evil vampire...

The shows stretches over 3 generations of Joestars and each son is nicknamed Jojo. They spend their lives fighting vampires and other, stronger immortals.

What I really liked about this show was the humour. The characters were all great and the animation and action scenes were awesome, but the humour turned what could have been a dark, horror type story into something really fun. Normally, I'd prefer them to have left out the humour and gone down the dark path, but in this case, it really works well. Definitely worth a watch!

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dark anime horror..., 29 March 2013

I usually prefer anime series to movies, but since I'd seen the series Blood-C, which this follows, and it has an unsatisfying ending, I thought there might be a resolution here. I think you could see this as a stand alone movie, but it would make much more sense of you have seen the series first.

Saya, the unfortunate 'girl' from the series is now in Tokyo hunting the monsters from her old town. They like to eat people, brutually. She is actually chasing her mortal enemy Fumito. When she hooks up with a bunch of conspiracy theorist youths who are also after Fumito, she figures they will help her get him. Her new friends are honest and nice, but they don't know what they're mixed up in, or who or what Saya really is.

Suffice to say, this show is dark, gory and not for kids. The animation is awesome, which only intensifies the gruesome scenes. If you haven't seen the series, check it out, its even more hectic than this, unless you get the stupid censored version like I did, which chops out so much of the bloody violence, it almost makes the show redundant.

darkly captivating, but slow thriller anime, 23 March 2013

This show was pretty weird, and considering most animes are weird by default, that's saying something. I did like it, but it was kinda slow.

It's set 1000 yrs in the future and mankind has evolved psychic and telekinetic powers called 'cantus'. Saki and her friends are adolescents who are just learning about their cantus powers. They live in a seemingly peaceful and idyllic society. Yet children from their school occasionally go missing, and everyone forgets about them really quickly. Saki and her friends go on an excursion and meet an interesting creature that reveals secrets about mankind's past. From then on, Saki and friends become targetted as troublemakers since they now know things that were meant to stay secret.

While this show is long and can be slow, it's not boring, and has a constant sense of menace, where you don't know what's going to happen next, but you get a feeling it's going to be something bad. The animation is different to most of the shows I've seen lately, maybe lower budget, yet it's still decent. The characters are well developed and you really care about their predicaments.

I say watch it if you're looking for something dark and different.

"Kingdom" (2012)
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Long but still interesting war anime, 27 February 2013

At 38 episodes, this one takes a while to get going...and there is season 2 planned (don't know how many episodes this time), but if you can handle this many, then you must be into it and more will just be welcome...

The story starts with 2 young orphans, Xin and Piao (pronounced 'Hou'), who live in China in the state of Qin during the warring states period and who fight each other every day with practice swords and dream of becoming great day a nobleman sees something in one of these orphans and decides to offer him a brighter future...the 2 orphans go their separate ways and adventures await them...

I could go into a lot more depth here, as this is a long and detailed story, but I'll leave it at that...the animation is good, the characters are well developed and the action is balanced with an interesting story. As for how accurate it is, I'm not super knowledgeable about feudal Chinese history, so I can't say either way, but it makes for fun to watch! Just be prepared to sacrifice a lot of time on this one...

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entertaining show that didn't quite reach its full potential, 1 January 2013

I liked this show. It started off with a bang, with plenty of action, humour, interesting characters and excellent animation. However, I feel it could have been so much better if it had been aimed at a more adult audience. The show is essentially about vigilantes killing bad guys, yet the level of violence is suitable for young teens. I prefer more serious stuff, and think this show would have been awesome if they'd kicked up the blood and violence factor haha...but that's just me.

The show mostly revolves around Ogami Rei and Sakurakoji Sakura. Ogami is a Code: Breaker, a guy with special powers who kills bad guys the law can't get to. Sakura is a popular girl at high school who witnesses Ogami killing a whole bunch of bad dudes and freaks out when she sees him at her school the next day. She makes it her mission to convince Ogami that even bad guys deserve to live and that killing is wrong no matter who is on the receiving end. It's pretty cool overall, but I just wish it wasn't so 'teeny'.

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pretty cool, 23 September 2012

I'm not a Japanese history buff, so for those who are, don't get mad if I say I don't know how closely this story follows Japan's history...although having all the important generals and historical figures as women probably isn't correct to begin with...

Overall though, this show was fun. Not overly original, it still had interesting characters, a good story with plenty of action and great animation...

It revolves around Yoshiharu Sagara, a high school kid who somehow finds himself in medieval Japan in the time of the Shoguns...he meets Oda Nobunaga and finds out the historical figure who he knows about from video games is actually a beautiful girl named Oda Nobuna, and all her retainers are beautiful young girls too...he decides to help her on her quest to conquer and unite Japan...its pretty cool, check it out...

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fun action anime, 22 September 2012

this is definitely one of the better animes i've seen recently. Action, adventure, excitement (a jedi craves not these things, but the rest of us might!)...and boobs are an added bonus haha...

Akatsuki is a hero that brings a demon lord's daughter, Myuu, back to his home world from a parallel world after slaying her father, but finds life full of challenges at his new school of magic, since he's super tough and everyone wants to fight him all the people from the parallel world are constantly after Myuu, since they think a demon lord's daughter can't live a normal life and will be somehow seeking revenge for her father's murder...

Akatsuki is just about the coolest and toughest leading anime character i've ever seen, and i've seen heaps...and he's not afraid of women like most of the wimpy guys, but prefers to play with their boobs and/or steal their underwear...but he also has a soft side and isn't a complete pervert...he pretty much rocks and is the best thing about this show...but everything about this show rocks, from the characters, to the action, to the animation, its all good...hopefully there will be a second season...check it out for sure!

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