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Let the critics be nay-sayers. I loved it!, 23 May 2011

Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides

Yes! This one was was also great!

At first you sense that another director is behind the "wheel", but you'll get into it in no time. This is a bit less grand in scale, but this does not mean that the film is therefore less enjoyable. Similar scale to COTB. My only complaint is that the love relationship between Philip and Syrena could have worked better. Penelope Cruz is a great addition. I prefer her now instead of Keira. Orlando and Keira aren't really missed, but a reference to them would have been nice. Ian McShane as Blackbeard was BADASS!! Geoffrey Rush as Barbossa stole every scene, Gibbs was still as fun to watch. And as expected, Johnny Depp as Jack is back in top shape. Cameos by Judi Dench, Richard Griffiths and Keith Richards also were a welcome addition. The CGI is back perfectly fine(and there's less of it, which is great) and the locations are again stunning.Of course the soundtrack by Hans Zimmer is fantastic again as expected. The story is somewhat simplified but no less entertaining. The mermaids surprised me very much, such fierce mermaids like you have never experienced

Does Jack make it to the Fountain of Youth? To the movies and find out!

I would say do not listen to critics and the race to the movies! If you're a fan of even 1 of the previous films, this one is not to be missed! Forward to part 5 and 6.

PS: I went to the 3D and the 3D version worked great! The film was, like Avatar, filmed in 3D, not converted.

Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides 9 / 10

Each POTC film has its minor flaws, but they remain my favorite movies, I do not prefer one over the other.

COTBP: 9 / 10, DMC: 9 / 10, AWE: 9 / 10

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Not better than the original, but still a very good remake in my opinion., 11 May 2010

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

OK first off let me say, that i totally disagree with all the super bad reviews this movie has got so far. I think it's a worthy remake of the great classic with Robert Englund. I'll start with the bad things. OK the first bad thing for me was that the pacing can sometimes be a little slow for my liking. Some of the talk scenes go on for too long. Second I was a little disappointed with some of the acting. I thought Rooney did a decent job as Nancy, but she could be a little stale and boring at times. She picks up the last third of the movie though. Also Katie Cassidy had some ups and some downs. Some dialog she said just made me cringe at times, like the: I'm so afraid line. But she also has some good scenes, as I absolutely love the classroom scene, she does sincerely look frightened there. Thomas Dekker also did a decent job, nothing special though. I also thought the dream/death scenes could use just a little bit more imagination.One more thing i cringed at was the: She's starting to remember line. That just came out wrong and cheap.

Now for the good things. The Special Effect are very good, there aren't that many but the ones who are present are great. I thought Kyle Gallner was the second best performance in the movie after JEH. He has some very strong emotional presence when he's on screen. Therefore i thought the pharmacist scene was very well acted by Gallner. Now for the best part of the movie: Jackie Earl Haley as Fred Krueger. Like many fans of the original i was scared JEH wouldn't surpass Englund by a long shot, but he surprised e with his performance. He did the part so well, i totally forgot about Robert the rest of the time. Also he has some very cool and bad-ass one-liners. But sadly also a few bad and unnecessary ones. I liked his performance as much as I loved Englunds. It's just a totally different take on the character. Now the part, many fans of the original have been b****ing about since the movie came out. Freddy is a Pedophile in this movie and he was a Child Murderer in the original. In my opinion they kept it fresh this way, and it really did not make me despise Freddy less for it. I don't want to imagine what Nancy saw on those pictures in the school. One nice little touch from the original was parts of the soundtrack, as soon as the title came up i felt right at home with the original music playing in the background. I also liked the homage scenes as well.

OK, so not all the acting was good, Rooney is no Heather and Jackie was as great as Englund all the way. A Nightmare On Elm Street (2010) ---> 8.5/10 (which becomes a 9 on IMDb)

Iron Man 2 (2010)
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Better than the first, just 2 things bothered me., 8 May 2010

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First off let me say i liked this one better than the first Iron Man, just because I felt this one was even more character driven and more cool characters than the first one. Also the build-up to The Avengers is really cool in this part with Samuel L. Jackson have a much bigger role than just a cameo. I especially liked the after-credits scene for Thor where they show people digging up Mjolnir in the middle of a desert.

The Characters are much better presented in this one, both the old ones and the new ones. Especially Tony gets a much more emotional background concerning his history with his father and so forth. I absolutely loved Mickey Rourke as Whiplash/Ivan Vank, but the 1st flaw of the movie also concerns him. He is totally UNDERUSED, he's there for the beginning and the end, and in the middle part of the movie: he's barely in it. Gwyneth Paltrow was as charming and beautiful as she was in the first. Also Don Cheadle was a very good recast for Terrence Howard, maybe even better than him. Samuel L. Jackson looked cool and bad-ass at the same time as Nick Fury. The sexy Scarlett Johansson was also good as Natasha Romanoff. She was dangerous and very beautiful at the same time. She's got some pretty cool fighting moves up her sleeve. Sam Rockwell did a very good job portraying Justin Hammer. He was funny, nerdy and yet very evil.

The Story is also very good with some pretty complex parts in it, like the part where Tony needs to re-invent the unknown element. That went a bit over my head. But every part of the story just felt right.

The CGI is even better than in the first one, especially in the final aerial/ground battle between the Hammeroids and Tony.

The Soundtrack was nothing special, just your typical summer-movie music. Nothing special, so nothing to complain. :P

So, the only 2 negative things for me where: 1. The under use of Mickey Rourke. I mean they said he was going to be the main villain in this one. And if he was he had way too little screen time. 2. The action scenes are too short. I would have liked in particular that the fight on the racetrack was longer. Don't get me wrong it was very good, just too short.

Iron Man 2, a worthy sequel that surpasses its predecessor -----> 9/10

Epic Movie (2007)
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Funny sometimes, but mostly a dull movie., 24 March 2008

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Well what can i say, the director really tried to make a funny spoof movie, but have they succeeded?I think not. I they just hadn't done everything so over the top. Like when they are shooting at mr tumnus,it was just not funny. And then the jack sparrow, just dumb. I chuckled a couple of times at willy wonka but that was mostly it. Some giggles here and there but not funny enough to get me laughing out loud. And the worst of all spoofs was davy jones. Not one tiny thing to laugh about there. It could have been a funny movie if they had not tried so damn hard to make it funny.

Pathetic attempt at a funny spoof movie. 5/10.

King Kong (2005)
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An epic masterpiece, 23 March 2008

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When i first saw the trailer for PJ's King Kong, i instantly thought it would be great. But when i wen to see it in theater i was completely overwhelmed with the amazing CGI, the great acting and the stunning love story. I'm a big monster/dinosaurs fan so my absolute favorite scene has to be the V-Rex fight. Especially the jaw-ripping sequence. I was also stunned by the great performance of Naomi Watts. PJ did such a good job at making Kong a live and emotional character, i completely felt with Kong throughout the whole movie. There maybe some silly scenes and goofs but the whole Ann-Kong relation and creature fights make up for that completely.

Jaw-dropping Epic Masterpiece 10/10

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One of the worst movies i have ever seen ( if not the worst), 23 March 2008

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There not much more to say about this movie than that it's super uber-crap. The acting was terrible and the story was dumb as hell. This movie is a big disgrace to all WW2 movies, like Schindler's list and the pianist. I know this is a horror movie but still.

I don't know what the director was thinking at time, i'm guessing he was drunk or had used drugs when he said: "Yes i like this story, i'm gonna make a really crap movie out of this."

All i have to say is: don't waste any money on this piece of crap movie.

Utter crap. 1/10

10,000 BC (2008)
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I dunno...........i just thought it was great, 22 March 2008

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Well i have to say i really liked this movie, the acting was good amazing CGI and very realistic costumes. I just don't see why people complain about this being historically inaccurate. There is one thing i would say if someone said that to me: IT'S a MOVIE, it's fake, it's made up, it is not real!

I also like how they insinuated that the almighty and his people were possibly from the city of Atlantis.

Also the action scenes with the creatures like the giant birds were very well done. As said before AMAZING CGI.

One thing i didn't like were the white teeth, other that it's a very cool epic action flick.

Most of the audience gave an applaus at theend of the movie too.

Great epic film 10/10