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Trudell (2005)
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A Story that needs to be heard, 22 February 2006

John Trudell and his work have been a profound personal and political inspiration to me since I first heard his poetry as a high school student 15 years ago. He has - along with many other activists and important leaders- helped to shape my political consciousness and inspire me to look at the world from a different perspective than what I was raised with.

Heather Rae's film is a wonderful telling of the story not only of Trudell's life and philosophy/politics, but also an important part of the history of the United States and the struggles of indigenous peoples to survive. It is a history that has gone overlooked and diminished for FAR too long and deserves to be told by those who lived it rather than those who sought (and continue to seek) to destroy it.

I extend my heart felt thanks to both Heather Rae and John Trudell for bringing this important film to light.