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A Roller Coaster Ride That Gives You Satisfied, 2 September 2012

There's one thing in life that rarely happens to me - I rarely get choked up. This film is one of the few movies that can get me to a point where I'm about to cry.

Looking at it without watching the movie in full, you would this this movie would be cheesy. But, if you watch this film in its entirety, you will experience the character development of Eliot, Mike, Gertie, Mary, and E.T. himself. It's a movie that flows from being a sci fi, to a comedy flick, to a suspense, and ends in a dramatical way.

It makes you care about every single character in the film because of how well portrayed everyone truly is. What makes this so great as I said, everyone becomes a better person by the end of the film, and leaves a lasting impression on everyone joining in on the roller coaster ride this film presents. I highly recommend this film to anyone who enjoys movies in general.

Insidious (2010/I)
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A Steady Train That Goes Along Fine Then Derails Off Into Disaster, 5 February 2012

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

This is on of those films that starts off really good by adding a creepy sense into the film - as well as giving reason to feel for the victims - into a nonsensical, over the top mess.

This film starts off by building the suspense of something truly frightening haunting this family (Which does a very good job). You start to wonder how they are going to really hit the climax of the film. Then, it starts to turn into an over the top rip off of Poltergeist and Exorcist. Everything that made the film actually creepy and disturbing turned it into a three ring circus that killed any momentum made for the victims to be in danger as well as its creep tone.

It's disappointing because this film looked as if it wasn't going to need hokiness as well as things popping out of nowhere to really get the viewer interested in watching, but the second half of the film negates that and over does it ten fold.

Overall - Very disappointing. Want a true scare? Watch The Blair Witch Project.

Scream 4 (2011)
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Meh, Not Satisfied, 16 April 2011

After being a fan of the Scream franchise, it was inevitable I would jump at the chance to watch Scream 4. Was not satisfied to say the least.

The character development as well as the actors/actresses portraying these characters were poorly executed. While Arquette, Cox, and Cambell perform their roles with no issues or flaws, the new generation seems to have a lack of actual talent into giving their character life. The story lead me into believing something great and unpredictable would happen, and (call me crazy) something revolutionary to both this franchise and horror flicks would take place. Instead, we are left will a plodding story, with poor character development, and a predictable reveal of the Ghostface Killer. The reason for the "unknown" killer is even dull, bland, and unoriginal. The kills didn't even try to gross the consumer out or affect them in anyway.

I'll keep this short and sweet - Some of the jokes, puns, and/or one liners are funny and witty, but the movie as a whole is a plethora of mistakes that are poorly executed - making this a film not worth watching. Recommend skipping this.

Not amazing, but not horrible., 14 February 2011

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Noticing the low score for this film, I ponder people's opinions. This movie was by no means even close to the classic Brandon Lee stared in, but to say this film sucks is mind blowing.

Eric Mabius did an excellent job at portraying a good guy character that I wanted to see prevail, and Fred Ward played an excellent bad guy in that I wanted him to get what's coming to him.

The story was decently done and a bit different from the first two. The first two Crow's dedicated on thugs killing their loved ones blatantly, while Cops did the dirty work here and have done everything to cover it up.

I seriously don't see what was wrong with this film. Acting was fine, story was fine, directing was fine. Not amazing, but good enough.

The Ring (2002)
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Unpleasant Experience, 13 February 2011

To consider this the scariest film in the last decade is like saying that Babe Ruth has no place in baseball and could never be considered a legend.

This movie was a boring, unsatisfying mess. Naomi Watts' acting leaves a bit to be desired. The premise of the whole film is cheesy.

I mean, if people are gonna rip on the Nightmare on Elm Street series all for its unrealistic ways, then they have to go after The Ring. Otherwise, Contradiction 101.

So apparently, there's a video tape that if you watch, somebody calls your phone to let you know you'll die in 7 days. To think this is at all clever is like saying you can run into a brick wall full speed without suffering any damage what so ever.

So lets see - Mediocre acting, terrible story, terrible camera quality, terrible character development, all leads to a terrible movie.

If you got scared by this atrocity, you are one big wimp.

The Crow (1994)
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A True Classic, 5 February 2011

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Usually, a film gets a lot of appraisal if one of the main actors dies. I.E. Dark Knight. I love Dark Knight as well as Heath Ledger's performance as The Joker - But it certainly wouldn't have gotten that much publicity had it not been for his unfortunate early demise.

I can almost guarantee - Even though I was too young at the time - When Brandon Lee died for this film, this film had the same deal. Well, if it did, I agree with them. This film is IMO one of the greatest I have ever seen. It truly shows that had Brandon Lee lived, he would've been an all time action star.

The story is surrounding Eric Draven (Brandon Lee) along with his fiancé Shelly Webster (Sofia Shinas) being murdered by a gang of thugs. One year later, Eric is brought back to life by the mystic power of The Crow to avenge the lost of his love and to set things right.

In my view, acting is superb on everyone's part. The scenery of a dark corrupted city is fantastic. Action is very bad ass. Progression is great as well. It's not a film that feels like it's going too long, or feels boring at all. It has a nice flow and pace to make everything about it interesting. The story is intriguing from beginning to end, and has very minimal loopholes.

Again with acting, it proves that Brandon Lee wasn't just an action star, he was an ACTion star. Meaning he could pull off the character he is suppose to portray very well.

If you want a film to enjoy, I definitely recommend it. Great action, directing, acting, story, pace and flow. A true classic in my books.

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Underwhelming, 5 February 2011

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Going into this film, my friend said that this film was one of the greatest films he has seen. I still wonder where he was coming from when saying this.

The premise of the film is pretty much your typical love story. Lonely dull man Joel (Jim Carrey) meets overly excited girl Clementine (Kate Winslet) and because the couple of the decade so to speak. Now, this film tries to be a bit too clever. We come to find out Clementine has erased her memory of Joel, and Joel wants to do the same. While in the procedure, he changes his mind and fights it, and the rest I won't spoil for you.

While the acting wasn't terrible, the story and the point of the swerve was pointless and unremarkable. While it was a swerve, it was a swerve for the sake of a swerve. For a good chunk of the film, you're completely confused. Then, while everything gets explained, your only reaction would be, "That's it?" I don't care too much for the effects either, as well as I mentioned before the pay off. I feel there was no real message conveyed, and it was only a movie to get you to go, "OOOOO". Instead, I feel empty. I don't feel any kind of pay off was made, nor am I satisfied with wasting almost 80 minutes just for a swerve that has no basis other then just to be a swerve.

I don't recommend this film for anyone seeing as it tries to be too clever with the cliché love story, and completely fails.

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The Worst Spiderman movie, 17 May 2007

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

One of the worst Spiderman movies of ALL TIME! Since Spiderman 1 one of the worst Spidermans of all time. Now don't get me wrong,just because i call it the worst spiderman,does not neccassarly mean im calling it a bad movie. Because as a movie, it was alright. But as a Spiderman movie, IT WAS GARBAGE! Lets look at the first two shall we.

First off the first two had a great storyline with it. 1st one involved how Peter Parker became spiderman. Simple stuff there. In the second one Peter is having trouble wondering if he wants to continue being Spiderman. Thats awesome as well. The action scenes rocked and made sense. The acting was awesome the drama and comedy scenes were great and the endings made the movies perfect. Spiderman 1 and 2 were Awesome.

Spiderman 3 did not possess any of what i said made Spiderman 1 and 2 awesome. First the story is cliché as hell. How Sandman got into the story was not creative at the slightest. And somehow Sand was able to go through into his skin and hit his nerve system and make him a Sandman. Add all of Venoms time in the movie and it prolly wont even add up to 10 minutes. And that was even worse cause hes 25% of the reason i wanted to see this movie. The comedy scenes were corny as hell. Like when Peter is strutting down an avenue. O god i don't ever wanna relive that. The action scenes weren't as exciting as the other 2. And the ending stunk as well.

Im not that surprised that Tobey doesn't wanna be in the fourth movie seeing as i wouldn't appear after that garbage. Same with Kirsten Dunst although she shouldve never have been Mary Jane since she doesn't look that attractive. If there ever is a fourth one im prolly not gonna see it till it comes out on DVD so i can rent it. Cause i saw Spiderman 3 in theaters with my friends and boy it was a huge mistake.

Whats even worse is my friends only loved it because of the action scenes. This movie just proves on so many levels why the sequels never live up to the originals.

My suggestion don't see this movie its def. a waste.

Stay Alive (2006)
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Pretty Good, 3 April 2006

I personally liked this movie.It was pretty entertaining at points.There's only a few flaws.Like one some of the acting was off.Example lets say if someone suppose to be worried they wouldn't look worried.Another is puttin Frakie Muniz in this movie.No disrespect.He made a good addition.Its just that I've seen him in comedies lookin worried and when he looked worried here I'm thinking bout the comedys.But anyways,Another is the way it ended.I ain't gonna spoil it cause thats not me.Other then those things the movie was entertaining.My suggestion to you if you like scary films and u wanna watch one,take your ten dollars and check out this movie.

Date Movie (2006)
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Terrible movie, 22 February 2006

Dude i went to see this movie when it came out.I went wit 2 friends.They laughed there F*ckin heads off.I sat there saying is this suppose to be funny.I literally asked my dad to bash my head wit a bat because seeing this movie was the biggest mistake I've ever made.Scary movie 4 better not be like this load of garbage.But then my friends started saying i have no sense of humor.But a lot of people in the theater were like this movie sucked.I literally thought i was alone.But thank god it was over cause this movie was damn terrible.Look people if u want my advice I'm going to tell u straight up, if u wanna watch a comedy, this is far from what u want.