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Boricua (2004)
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View only if you enjoy stereotypes, 23 July 2010

If there is a good reason to view this movie is only if you enjoy stereotyping. The movie did an "excellent" job at validating all the stereotypes existent for any one who has lived in that area. Is that good? Not in my book, and it will NEVER compare to Nothing Like the Holidays, which set a separate bar and standard, high, Chicago Boricua set a new LOW. Poor acting, cheap direction, depressing theme, and the already cliché of adding tons of foul language and stereotypes about the Puerto Rican community, not only in Chicago, but ANYWHERE in the U.S.A. You can definitely make a movie without the need of trash language, but it seems that such coarseness in language is a must nowadays. Lack of creativity perhaps? Don't waste a dollar or two on renting this movie, better play lotto with it.

Salsa (1988)
bad movie? or bad move?, 12 September 2008

Well, I endured watching this thing in my Beloved Island Puerto Rico, and it was all hype, no bang. Worse movie I ever seen. Poorly directed and apparently a cheap casting effort. It seems that it was a bad attempt to legitimize Robbie Rosa as an actor. One thing is being a hit singer with Menudo and a good dancer, another thing is being a descent actor. Robbie was not the latter. He may as well have gone into one of the Friday the 13th sequels, that bad was the acting of everyone in this...."movie". The music is not bad, the rest, goodness!!! Don't get me wrong I am Puertorrican and darn proud of it, but this was a piece of junk movie.

Casi casi (2006)
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simple....., 10 October 2007

Very refreshing. Ms. Irene Lucio as Maria Eugenia and her eye and facial expressions remind me of the great Charlie Chaplin, not too many people have that ability to make you laugh by just looking at their expressions. Emilo's character, dorky looking is the typical nice guy predestined to fail, nice guys always end up last, but he perseveres in his pursuit to catch the attention of the girl he likes and believes to be in love overlooking the fact that love has always been so close to him that he couldn't see it. The movie gives you a good lesson on friendship and teamwork. The movie is very good, different, simple yet comical. The linguistic expressions for those knowing "pouertorrican" Spanish are accurate. Situation presented can be a reflection of real life at a private school in Puerto Rico. What makes this movie so appealing is its simplicity I loved it, can't have enough of it.

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Very good !, 6 September 2006

As a Puertorican raised in Chicago, "por la Division" I certainly can identify with the documentary. Some people, especially from mainland Puerto Rico may consider it offensive or distorted, but for us, those who were raised in New York or Chicago, prior to the new Puertorican boom exodus to Miami and Orlando that came in the late 1980's, we can tell, we have lived that we have suffered that, not to mention our parents and ancestors. Myself, I was victim of more discrimination from mainland Puertoricans when I returned as a child to the Island than the one I already experienced in Chicago. Gringo, jincho, etc were among the nice compliments I got from the mainlanders.

Newyoricans, Chicagoricans, we have something in common and it is our pride in our ancestry and heritage.

The part of visiting cousins you have never seen brought fond memories. The documentary presents a relatively unknown aspect of Puertorican history, especially the discrimination against independentist, documented experiments performed on women and radiation exposure to inmates and the awful living conditions that our ancestors had to endure in New York living in slums resembling those that many Italian immigrants experienced during the 1910's. Something's are better not said, but this kind of thing must be denounced. For those of my paisanos who live in LALAland, this documentary is not for you. For those who want to learn and research a little bit more, this is a good starting point.

Bravo Rosie!