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Good rom-coms are hard to find - they must combine a decent plot, good acting, good chemistry, and be both relatively light-hearted and emotionally resonant. Here are the best rom-coms I've seen.
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Beloved films to own
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Did not include miniseries (with the exception of Sherlock, which isn't technically a mini since it has multiple seasons). Also, these are by no means my favorites, just the shows I think are the best re: sheer technical quality, and which maintained this high standard over multiple seasons.
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(Ordered by date, and sticking to romance & adventure genres only)
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I've left off old films, romantic comdies and most period films (i.e. all the classic novel adaptations) because that would make this list too long and complicated (check out my other lists for "Bests" of those). This is the best of contemporary romance films.
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Left off superhero & most sci fi films cause that's a slightly different genre
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Disclaimer: These are only shows in which a kickass female is one of the main leads; there are many others with great female characters in supporting roles.
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Grouped roughly by age from oldest to youngest
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I haven't found any of the Wuthering Heights or Tess of the d'Urbervilles adaptations to be particularly romantic, so they're not on here.
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Films to see in the second half of 2011
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