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This is a list of movies I want to see or have seen, which were or will be in theaters from 2011 to 2015. Some movies have the date 2010 0r 2009, but they were in theaters later.
I constantly add some movies, when I'm sure I want to see them and I delete some, when I have seen them and don't want to recommend them (vote less than 7 stars).
Also check my list with upcomming movies that I hope to be good but am not sure yet, that I want to see them:
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I'm very curious which of these rising actors will be stars in 5 years.
By star I don't mean A-list Hollywood-star. It can also be indie movie star or TV-star.
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My casting options for The Name of the Wind and Wise Man's Fear of the Kingkiller Chronicles by Patrick Rothfuss. Hope the series comes soon.
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Just came up with the idea about a series a bit drama a bit comedy about a group of friends/roommates living in San Francisco, trying to figure out how they want to live, who they love, who they are. Artists, students, ... not so easy to find a diverse cast. I would have some lgbt characters.
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List order based on Starmeter November 2013

I think it's sad that there aren't any black actors who are equally famous as Natalie Portman, Scarlett Johannson up to Ellen Page or Emma Roberts in this generation. Who do you think of when asked to name black actors? Danzel Washington, Morgan Freeman, Samuel L. Jackson, Will Smith, Idris Elba, perhaps Hally Berry or Viola Davis. But there seem to be no new Will Smith or Whoopi Goldberg yet. There aren't many leading roles for black actors and those which are there go to famous singers or the same five actors who actually made it. But all of them are over 40.
There are so many black actors who are extremely talented and don't have the chance to prove it apart from roles as side-kick to white leading actors in TV-series. There are so many talented young actors I'd like to see in leading roles and in more great TV-shows. I adore Rutina Wesley, Nelsan Ellis or Megalyn Echikunwoke. I am really courious who will be the next big A-star black actor amongst them. Chiwetel Ejiofor and Zoe Zaldana seem already on a good way to achieve that ...
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Who is your favorite singer in Nashville?

I made a poll suggestion for this list:
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you will always recognize these actors.
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British actors under 30.
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Woman of slight build aren't fragile. They often represent strong characters.
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My dreamcast for The Recen Boys books by Maggie Stiefvater
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Who will win awards for performances shown 2015 on TV?
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Actors who appeared first in major roles in series which aired first in the last two years. I am curious which actors will have a carrer in TV or movies after their currenct show ends.
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This list is just, because I was curious, which actors have played gay characters.
Much more than I thought, but not so many, as actresses played lesbian parts.

This list is not to list all actors who played gay characters ever, but I might ad some, if you name them.

I would like to see Lee Pace, Ethan Hawke, John Malcovich, Tim Robbins, Jeff Bridges, Bill Murray, Brad Pitt, Bill Nighty play gay characters.
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Which is your favorite female kick-ass character? Strong, with her own mind, fighting for herself.

Missing options?
Here is Part 2 of the poll

Discussion for this poll
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Who is your favorite female kick-ass character from Fantasy or SF movies or series?

Here is Poll part 1

Disussion for poll here
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Actors born in the 90s , I think are the next generation of great actors.
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This list is up for poll discussion
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A lot of now famous actors have guest starred in Doctor Who. From Andrew Garfield, Carey Mulligan, to Imogen Poots, Hugh Bonneville, Sarah Parish, now Maisie Williams. But some surprisingly never were on Doctor Who yet.
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There was this very good acted documentary about the night Frankenstein and Dracula were written by the BBC. I thougth this story would have made such a great movie. So I casted the movie to this intruiging story.
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Most parts for younger roles went to August Diel, Daniel Brühl, Julia Jentsch, Anna Maria Mühe, Karoline Herfurth ... in the past ten years. All great Actors who have long grown up. I think, they don't want to play 20-year olds any more. There are a lot of young Actors who are not yet that well known. But they have proven their talent. Sebastian Urzendowsky I think is one of the most promising, he was in some international movies already. David Kross too, but he is already well known. I am very curious, how the other Actors will develop. I add Actors who are under 30 and didn't already make 10 movies or are under 25.
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Warning: May contain spoilers.

So who is A in Pretty Little Liars?

Discuss the poll here.
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Casting for my period novel
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My dreamcast for the independent series Emperors Edge from Lindsay Buroker.
Basilard and Yara are still missing. Not so easy to find a small athletic man and a tall muscular woman.
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Actors who appear in British series or mini-series.
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Movies I want to see.

This list permanently changes.
I will keep this list and remove only movies I didn't like.

check also my other lists: Best movies of the last decade:
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The first seasons were great ... but somewhere the writers lost it. It is so disappointing when great series go all wrong in later seasons! I really congratulate the writers of BSG to know when to end it.
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actors who became parents under 28

The exact birth dates aren't always available. So the age of parenthood is guessed.
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Which performance should have won an oscar?

Discussion for poll:
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surprisingly few actors are naturally blond. Not sure about these ones, most have dark blond hair.
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Who is the sexiest actor in armor?

Poll discussion:
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Outstanding performances in series or mini-series. Some got nominations but did not win. Some won for another series or movie.
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I decided to only watch series, which aren't canceled with a cliffhanger ending. It's like selling books with the last pages missing!
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Which actor who often is in comedies is your favorite?
Of the last ten years, which actor who appeared at least in three comedies do you like most? Who is the funniest and best comedy performer?

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Actors who are in leading roles in 2014
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no ranking

On this list are actors who appear often in German movies, they can also be Austrian or from other countrys.
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First Chinese, then Japanese then Korean.
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In this list are only movies I have seen. I know some great ones are missing, I havent seen yet.
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I included Writers who wrote screenplay which are not based on books or ideas from others and which resulted in great movies. Some directors writer the screenplay for their movies, so there are some directors on this list.
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Some are for younger, some for older children up to 13.
I added all the movies I loved as a child, plus some newer ones I think, children will like.
Please note that I added only movies certified for 0, 6 or 12 year olds in Germany! A lot of movies are certiefied 6 in Germany and 13 in the US ...
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movies I want to see
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7 stars means that the movie is good, but not one of the best to me. Of course thats always a question of taste.
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Those on the list who are still alive are of cause still beautiful. But they are all much older than me.
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80s weent really a good movie dacade, but there are some rare exceptions, I finally found.
But of course I havent seen all of the good rated movies yet, so list is always in progress.
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