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The Thorn Birds was an absolute wonder!, 4 April 2006

A story of life changing decisions and love, ripped apart by ambition. A love so pure, so desirable, it's forbidden. The Thorn Birds speaks of true decisions...true love.

The cast was a wonder. Richard Chamberlain playing Father Ralph was brilliant. Rachel Ward playing Meggie Cleary was marvelous. And the others in their own part was superb. I cannot imagine any others playing their characters as well as they did. What I saw in them that I did not in other films, was pure dedication. And that's what makes it a cast like no other. (But really seeing them as if the part they played was meant for them.)

This story is so much more than what it seems. It's hate, passion, and love all developed by the difficulties of growing up in addition to simply living life. What each of the characters go through is significant and should be watched alongside the main idea.

Seeing this miniseries at the age of 17, I can safely say that it is a masterpiece. I compare it to an artist's second canvas of painting. The first will definitely have mistakes. And even though you correct those mistakes the second time around, there's bound to be a few more. And still, it's acceptable. The little mistakes made are what makes it resplendent.

I can only hope that if you ever obtain an opportunity to see this, you do not pass it off. You will watch it with a smile on your face, tears in your eyes, and always with passion in your heart. I can be certain that you will not only watch it once, but various more times. It's one of those miniseries/film that you will not be able to let go of...ever!

It goes without saying that I found it amazing! And definitely my favorite.