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A fun, smart, updated Dr. Seuss story!, 19 February 2006

This is a fun, smart and original update of Dr. Seuss and Peter Pan story lines. It has a great look, fun plot twists, excellent puns, a fast pace and a great message for young and old. So what if the young actors aren't doing "Master Thespian"! All you need to do is see this movie with a child or let yourself remember your own sense of wonder and this movie will jump off the screen whether you've got 3-D glasses or not! The fact that Rodriguez lets the children have real worries and problems and a trial-and-error approach to dealing with them while learning a universal theme has all the traits that make children's stories timeless. It's not just a dumbed down story to sell toys and video games, although it would actually make a good game. Overall, a very fun film!