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Please! (2001)
Awesome short film!!, 29 November 2006

This movie, in addition to ALL the movies Gerard Butler has done, was awesome! It used to be available for free viewing on a website (sorry, can't remember which one right now) and I've watched it at least 6 or 7 times. Gerard Butler is an awesome actor, as always, and is gorgeous as usual and very moving in this short film. I love the part about him on his knees in front of the secretary. It is humorous too. What great acting!! I only wish it was still available for viewing! The last new Gerry movie I've seen is Beowulf and I can't wait for the other new ones to come out. Ever since I saw Phantom, I've been in love with this man. I hope we see more and more of him in the years to come!!! Sue (Gerry-lover!)