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It's Alive (1974)
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Yikes !, 13 October 2008

Man this movie scared the CRAP out of me when I was a kid. I think it was really well done, and the fact that you don't really see anything most of the time, other than say, a bush moving, or a rumpled sheet, really added to the creepiness. Also considerably adding to said creepiness was the score by Bernard Herrmann ( one of his last ). Neat film, hear there's a remake... Larry Cohen's movies were always great, and you can tell that even with obvious budget limitations, his creativity really carries this movie. As a matter of fact, the reason you DON'T see much of the mutant is probably due to those same limitations. The sequels, though somewhat interesting, did not capture the eerie suspense of the original.

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yuck, 19 February 2006

This is a TERRIBLE film. Joe Dante should be ashamed of himself. The lighting is awful and the acting is bad. The story is also very disappointing. Any one of the old R.L. Stine TV show scripts from the 80's/90's would have been better than this. Also, Rachel Hunter is listed in the credits, but she does not appear in any version of this film that I have seen. The 3-D effects are very poorly executed, and are very predictable. Also, this movie, at about half an hour, is much too long for a theme park presentation. Did anyone mention to the film-makers that one of the most important things about a 3-D movie is to make sure to use maximum light in your image?

better, 19 February 2006

This is SO much better than that Haunted Lighthouse movie. The 3-D effects look great. It's probably due to the bright images used throughout the film. It's also nice that the film is only 16 or so minutes long. I think that is long enough for a theme park presentation. Eric Idle did a good job with the corny pirate dialog, and Leslie Nielson did his usual bumbling best. Also, it was nice to see Rodney Dangerfield in the show, even though it was only a cameo appearance. I hope that the crew that put this film together will someday present another 3-D movie. Also, it's possible that there is more than one version of this film, as I have heard people comment that they don't remember Rodney Dangerfield in the picture.