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The Wild (2006)
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Too much focus on the wrong thing..., 7 August 2006

The Wild is a film that follows a group of zoo animals in a race against the clock to find the lion's son, who is accidentally shipped back into the wild. This film is not a bad one, though not really that great, either. It most likely will be watched, and forgotten two months after its DVD release. Visually it is beautiful, and (since everyone else seems to want to compare the two) much better looking than Madagascar. But eye candy is most of what this movie has to offer. I will admit that Belushi and Izzard's characters make the movie more bearable, but not much. There is no major threat in the movie (and the one that is made out to be such a treat is ridiculous). All this movie made me want to do is watch "The Lion King" so that I could watch a film involving lions that actually had some meaning to it. This film is funny at times, but ultimately is the byproduct of writers who are too scared to have a serious plot in a kid's movie. Watch it, chuckle at it, and then forget it.

Littleman (2006)
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I doubt these things come as much of a surprise..., 7 August 2006

"Little Man" is a film about a...vertically challenged (is that correct?) man who is released from prison, and immediately partakes in a jewel heist with his idiotic partner. While hiding from the police, the "little man" places the stolen diamond in the purse of a random woman shopping with her husband, who just happens to really want a child. The chase ensues. Now, looking past the fact that...uh, little people (?) do NOT look like babies, and that most adults are NOT stupid enough to think that a baby would have tattoos, gold fillings, and knife-fight scars (which I know are meant to be jokes, but they are also NOT funny), this movie was still horrible. I am sick of seeing movies where a small person who, simply because they are an adult, have the strength of an adult regardless of their actual size. These are the type of films that make (I don't mean this as racist) black movies do so badly. The Wayans Brothers have done good films in the past, but this is NOT one of them. Avoid this movie at all costs, unless you like bad directing, acting, editing, and jokes.

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This is what kid's movies should be like..., 7 August 2006

I find it hard to believe that kid's movies these days will ever be called classics in years to come (excluding Pixar movies). In my mind, this is the last classic hand drawn film, and it upsets me that I have to wait for another five years for it to come out on DVD. This film deals with great issues and involves a huge conflict for the main character, something that recent kid/family films lack. It is funny and lighthearted when it should be, and heartfelt and serious when it needs it. I believe that everybody should see this movie, regardless of your age. It may just be the last good movie that Disney will ever do without the help of Pixar.