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Film At Its Finest, 14 September 2007

This is without question, my favorite movie of all time. Alec Guinness and Peter O'Toole always captivate me in almost every movie they're in, but when they act together these two famed Shakespearian actors are the essence of what all actors should strive to become. The cinematography in this movie is unbeaten by anything in its time, or our time for that matter. The film-score is one of the most beautiful I've ever heard. The moment at the beginning with black screen and music playing set the mood for the film perfectly and amplified the feeling of anticipation and exhilaration. The plot of adventure and the story of T.E. Lawrence was exciting to the very end. Of coarse there were historical inaccuracies, but those can be overlooked for a movie like this. It's not a biography after all. See this movie and witness film-making at its finest.

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Absolutely nothing to offer., 16 March 2006

I would classify this movie as a 1 because I cant imagine anyone who would have even a slight spark of interest in the plot of this film. I was unfortunate enough to have my time wasted by this film because it was given to me as an extra bonus for buying movies from a rental that had closed down. If a movie doesn't offer anything substantial in a way of enlightenment, a differing world view, good cinematography, or something along the lines of a good reason to watch it, it should at least have a plot. Terribly unimaginative and incredibly boring are the only way to describe this movie with Mathew Broderick; an actor who I must say has only one usable character in his repertoire, Ferris Bueller-silly, and Ferris Bueller-not silly.

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Disney is turning in his cryogenic, anti-semetic grave., 2 March 2006

The Disney company is a corporation, so we have no reason to expect them to keep from doing something that they shouldn't do if money is involved. Air Bud is a perfect example of how much money can be made off of sequels to incredibly stupid movie. I hate to brake it to you people, but the original Air Bud was not a good movie! Wow, what a revelation!!! But the fact that an Air Bud 5 even exists should be enough reason for God or Budha or Captain Crunch to come down upon the human race with fire and brimstone and giant, fire-breathing waterfowl that will kill whoever is responsible for destroying the imaginations and intellect of the children who watch these effortless films because their parents sit them down in front of the TV for ninety minutes so that they can have their "special time" to create more worthless children to cover our forsaken earth until were overrun with hopeless, sagging drones who vote for George Bush and watch reality television! phew... You already know the plot of this movie. Your children already know the plot of this movie. If they're going to watch something, have them watch a Disney classic, please, I really do fear for their future... (p.s. Not all those who vote for George Bush are idiots, but most are)

Trilogy of Terror (1975) (TV)
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This thing is creepy!, 20 February 2006

I saw this movie as a kid and it is the one horror film that haunts my dreams to this day. No other movie in the world could scare me like this one does, I don't know why... It's a really crappy movie that I absolutely love. I don't know if it's a cult classic, but it should be, because everyone I know acknowledges that it's a crappy, low-budget piece of work, but it still managed to scare the pants off them. Whenever someone sees this movie, the one thing they remember is the scream of that doll; I sware on the graves of all who are holy that you will not forget the scream of that doll until the day that you die! I do not exaggerate. Please see this movie so that you may also understand the phenomenon of being scared by a crappy movie in a way that I don't think was even intended by the director. FOR THE LOVE OF GOD, NO CHILDREN!