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pure gold, 13 February 2006

I could tell in the first 10 seconds of watching trapped in the closet that this was going to be an instant classic. R Kelly is truly a genius.. No, a GOD! His voice is amazing and his rhymes are genius(like beretta with dresser) After each chapter ending with R Kelly singing the last word quieter an quieter I didn't want it to end and you know what? It didn't ever end!!(well it did eventually) But I haven't had the urge to watch something over and over all day since I watched xanadu. I love how he sings the whole time and everyone is just lip-synching, oh and the one white person in the plot has a southern accent. You can imagine how great hearing R Kelly sing in a southern accent while this fat white lady is lip-synching. Bottom line: Trapped in the Closet is pure gold. Every time I watch it i get something new from it that I missed because I was probably busy crying or laughing or both...If you get the DVD watch the commentary- R Kelly smoking a cigar on a couch in front of the movie mostly pointing at the movie and looking at the camera, he doesn't really say much... I know R Kelly, I was speechless too.