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a list of 100 titles
This list contain my favorite 100 film list and they are listed in order.
a list of 100 titles
This is a continuation of my favorite films. This list starts where the 101-200 left off. This list goes until 300 and beyond.
a list of 100 titles
This is a continuation of my 100 favorite films. This list starts with number 101 to 200
a list of 34 titles
My favorite Spanish language films.
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This is a list of the film directors that I admire the most. Most of the times I will go to the movie theaters to watch their movies, just because I like their style more than the theme of the movie
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a list of 40 titles
This is a list of the best music in films and television.
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Worst movies ever! This is a hard list to come up with. The good movies will be in your mind forever, the average movies are the ones that you tend to forget. The bad movies you try to forget, but there are some aweful movies that you cannot forget and this is a list of those movies. I just did not like these movies.
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a list of 42 titles
These list includes the most clever comedies and the funniest films in motion picture history. These are films that have made me laugh the most.
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I am not a big fan of war films, but I really like the following films despite not being a fan of the genre.
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This is my favorite television shows of all times. I like to watch dramas in films, but I prefer to watch comedies in television, so this list is mainly of comedies. It is my personal taste and even though there are good dramas in TV I prefer to watch comedies. Most of my shows are produced in the United States because that is the type of programming that I get the most.
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This list include movies that are all animated or even partially animated.
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a list of 14 titles
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Well most of romantic comedies these days are horrible, but there are a few that are really good and entertaining. Most people like romantic comedies and chick flicks and this is my list of my favorite romantic comedies
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These are my favorite film music composers
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This list includes the traditional westerns, spaguetti westerns and even movies that use the western genre even if they do not take place in the western.
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