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My next instalment taking on april - June.
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I am going to make a list with my opinion on whether a film is a hit, a miss or maintained status quo.
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All of the scariest horror movies. Not in any ranking hopefully ranking soon to come. Will describe each horror on scary factors from 2 peoples objective. Objective 1 - Spine Tingling Scares Objective 2 - Scary Premise Objective 3 - Nightmare Creator Each objective out of 5.
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This list is just for fun as I try to think of possible replacements for those superheroes we all know. Have suggestions, feel free to comment.
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We will update this list but it will commemorate the top movies of each genre. Genre's include romance, family, animation, horror, thriller, action, comedy, drama...
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Considering all the rom coms like valentine's day, new years eve, and he's just not that into you. Here's a list of actors and actresses who should come together for a big Christmas hurrah! And of course the title can only be one thing....

The Christmas Movie!
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These are horror, thrillers and suspense where they may not necessarily be very scary but the idea can pretty horrific. Just watch some of them and you'll see what we mean.
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The following movies I thought would be much better ans subsequently left me undesired.
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Actors who have been around and have yet to win an oscar....
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