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yay, 12 February 2006

don't get me wrong i absolutely love this show! 10/10 for me. But the one thing that creeps me out is that ashley leggot is almost 20 years old playing a teenager! I was watching confessions of a teenage drama queen last night and decided to do some research...i never would have guessed she was 20! but...i guess thats y they put her on this show isn't it( i still love her!) seriously i know I'm a little old for this show....but its kinda my guilty pleasure! my recommendation: keep on making more episode and then make a DVD! seriously though....w/o Casey in this TV show i would not have liked it at all. thats how i can relate because i had the same situation thrust upon me last year. its hard and annoying...i think this is an awesome show for anyone going through a family merge...its just so relatable!