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These are movies that I feel affect us to our very core. Whether their intent is to make us laugh, cry, wonder, galvanize, etc., these movie achieve it perfectly. These are the movies you'll never forget.
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A movie's soundtrack should enhance the audience's emotional experience. If one were to hear those songs long after the movie is over and are transported back to those emotions and even to events in that movie, then I believe those songs have succeeded.

More points go to scores with multiple songs that can do this (I'm rating the entire catalog, not individual songs) and with a wider range of emotions.
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A story is only as good as the person telling it. These directors are able to make a movie into something beautiful time and time again through their timing, imagery, and style. I have special appreciation for a director who also writes the story or the screenplay.

Obviously it's a bit difficult to compare veteran directors to new ones. For this I consider where older directors were in their career compared to newer directors.
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Actors who put their all into portraying a character, mentally & physically. Their strength is in their diversity. They reach us through their pathos. They set new standards for what acting should be.

To note: It's difficult to compare new actors to older ones. I take into account the prowess of old actors when they were of a younger age and the potential of new actors to continue to grow and show promise.

As I am human, my knowledge is limited. I know, I know, I'm working on being omniscient. Ergo, I welcome the suggestion of other actors and perhaps a movie that portrays their abilities. Help rather than condemn.
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Here's what I look for in an anime, despite the genre:

1. Story
2. Emotion
3. Morals
4. Music
5. Replay Value
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A twist can happen at anytime during a movie, but when it does, your brain explodes in awe, confusion, shock, enlightenment, and WTF! In my opinion, a great twist should have a build up and not be completely out of the blue.

To note, I have not mentioned any specific twists as most people who view this list are searching for new movies to watch. I also strongly encourage people to post other movies that may be of similar caliber.
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Some people are a force to be reckoned with...
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Composers who MAKE the movie/show/game. Through emotion and motifs, they evoke so much when you hear their compositions, even if you're not watching the production.

I've listed some scores for each composer as guidance.