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Tensions, 19 November 2006

Horror films often do not get their do. Clearly an influential film, everything that the other 8 films to die for failed to be; namely, scary, credible, and well acted.

I am not going to go into all the controversy surrounding this movie, rather let me tell you what I felt during the film.

Grave Dancers is a good scary picture which will not only entertain you, but will make you wonder what originally occupied the land where you will be is buried . This movie makes good use of foreshadowing and building of tensions to move a viewer to believe what they are actually seeing is really happening. While my girlfriend was holding my hand tightly during the whole film, I had a great time being entertained by such a great low budget movie. Great movie, great acting, great scary fun! A+

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Innocent looking little Japanese girls, 17 November 2006

This appears to be a fantastic movie until you reach a point where the movie begins to "explain" some things a little better. Once this happens, the excitement begins for me.

I finished the movie being happy about why the killings began. Basically everybody gets killed and then everybody gets reborn and then everybody gets killed again. I mean I don't wanna spoil this film for you, so that was my one sentence plot description. If you like gore and killing and never ending terror from innocent looking little Japanese girls (like I do) then this is your film. Maybe a bit confusing at times, but it's definitely gonna be one of the better films at this festival. Maybe it's just me, but there's a great many movies out now that are really good except for their endings.

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Wow, what a spring-break, 17 March 2006

WWow!! I am here on my spring-break in Panama City FL, we have been partying all week and tonight we had the biggest event of the whole spring-break: St.Paddy's day and the screening of the film An American Haunting on the beach! YES you heard right on the beach. They set up a big, huge screen and then they showed the movie while we were sitting on the sand and got scared as hell! I am telling you if you like horror or suspense and you are into getting scare for fun, this is the film to see! It makes look the ring like a kids film and the Hills have Eyes like a baby film...The only thing I didn't like was the fact that.... well I can't really say it, otherwise I would spoil the film for you. So go see it soon. I don't know if it's out yet, but go see it (maybe they're having more screenings on other beaches!!!)The best thing is definitely the power the film has to scare you!