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Skyline (2010)
A different Sci-fi
8 February 2011
The only cons in this movie (compared to other Sci-fi) is that it's a bit short (could have been around 100 min.), the explosion scenes could have been more detailed, better done and sometimes the hand-held camera filming seemed a bit too amateurish. Considering that this is not your casual Hollywood macho movie about super humans who always find a way how to deal with matters when space monsters, alien ships and other space beings howl the Earth (indeed a heroism at certain amounts persists) as in 2012, Independence Day etc. then I could easily forgive this movie those very minor things it lacks (the cons I mentioned).

Now to the good things. First of all (which I would like to see in this type of genre) the human reaction, psychology. Going along with the characters I would assess that most human beings would have very similar reaction to the occurring events as the characters had (I just tried to put myself into that condition). I assume more panicking and irrationality could be observed but otherwise it's quite close. Second - the ending. I so hoped this will not be another Adventure type of ending where the good guys (humans) outwit the superior aliens with some random and very naive methods to win the grand finale. I was too pragmatic before I saw the last ten minutes of the film and still it ended on an awesome note. Not the way one usually expects it to end when watching alien or sci-fi movies.

I did not write a lot in this review (and I admit that's it quite messy in layout) as there's not that much to write. My advice - do not listen to critics and other people who told you that this movie is not worth spending your time. I am a person who likes very exceptional sci-fi movies. Even if I do I seek some realism in character reaction, behavior (the part where ''2012'' was disastrous). I was very, very skeptical before even considering to watch this film. Apparently I was completely wrong.

Though I know most of you have heard such inducing texts as well but I want to remind you - at times try to act not according to your expectations. If your mind and heart says that it's not worth the while then do the contrary - watch it for a change and see proof that your intuition and mind is wrong at times.
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Predators (2010)
Strictly for fans of the franchise
27 November 2010
There are various types of viewers. For this movie I would split them in three groups: fans of the franchise, hardcore action lovers and general public. This movie is absolutely a peak for the first group and a productive popcorn crunching coke sipping eve for the second but absolutely not for the general public. I'll try to shortly break down why not:

1) It is the all classical storyline about raw action, Arnold type heroism, and resemblance of the first movie in the series 2) This seems as an unsuccessful attempt of recreating the first movie 3) Adrien Brody's humble pianist now takes off his suit and grabs a gun running around the jungle shooting space monsters in a jungle setting. As much as you wish he will never be the Awesome Arny with his coldblooded look and stealth army guy looks and behavior not even comparing the classy police guy Danny Glover 4) If you have seen the first Predator then stay with the emotions you got from the movie. For a change you might sit through the second part but do not spoil everything with this movie 5) Predictability factor in this picture is way too high. You may get bored from watching it as you simply can foresee most of the actions the characters will perform in upcoming scenes 6) Yes, we watch action movies because of the shootings, fights, different tricks etc. but then they at least should be eye pleasing and enjoyable not disgusting and dull as some Jason vs. Mason immorality 7) Movies that are made into series almost surely do not bring long term success nor they raise interest for new viewers (strictly from my opinion) and Saw, Terminator (as much as I admire Arny and his T2 role) and others alike have proved it
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Collapse (II) (2009)
A must see!
15 December 2009
Might there be confusion seeing only one man starring in this documentary the viewer should not think of it as ''something useless''. There is not much to add or to comment as to mention that it is very educational, wise, thought through story revealing the events in today's world.

I would surely say - the most important movie for the 21st century man.

We live in a fairytale where everybody has a hope that the ''good'' will overcome the ''evil'' no matter how bad it is, because it will be better... in the end that's the way fairy tales end, don't they? The ugly truth is that no magical wonderland exists, there is only now and here and this movie shows you WHAT ACTUALLY IS NOW AND HERE.
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