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Wanderlust (2012)
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quite bad at best, 7 June 2012

If you are addicted to movies, this could be a cure.

An unfunny comedy with a deep and accidental message that we are devolving.

Writing, acting, directing, editing -- mediocre at best. The characters are all superficial, unimportant and unbelievable. Some of the scenes were unsettling rather than comedic and some were actually painful to watch.

It was a long 90 minutes -- time wasted that will not be returned.

This thing will disappear quickly, if we are lucky. If not there will be sequels.

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Complete waste of time, 4 May 2012

All of the characters are cool and beautiful (more so than the viewers) and should be envied. Envy is important for the success of this movie.

"Insipid" is the first word that comes to mind. It doesn't work as a comedy or as a comic book. It works only as evidence of devolution of the human race.

Once again we have some special effects which qualify this trash as a legitimate movie. Real movies have special effects.

Depiction of the CIA as a high-tech group of assassins is politically interesting, but there is no moralizing. We are just to accept this as it is -- cool.

500 years ago Leonardo Da Vinci was drawing airplanes and helicopters while painting the Mona Lisa. 500 years later writers and directors are putting out this garbage.

The movie will probably make money - appealing to the masses ("The masses is asses" - Uncle Ward)

Grown Ups (2010)
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Another slap in the face big money maker, 22 September 2010

Sandler scores again - big money taking an old plot and grinding out a semblance of something - then laughing all the way to the bank.

Sort of a wannabe Rat-Pack at work here. Slightly talented boys playing at making a movie in a place that enabled them to have a vacation while working.

Probably hit the demographic solidly in the gut. 14-year-olds might consider this cool, if they are the sorts that figure they will eventually be professional athletes so they are not planning for anything else - future unsuccessful used car salesmen.

Acting, directing, writing - all zeros here. Another piece of junk from the highest-aid actor in Hollywood - and his team of zany (not) buddies.

Go see this if you are an idiot.

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silly but also insulting and ludicrous, 5 May 2010

This thing doesn't work. Travolta is revolting. The script was sophomoric at best (more like freshmanic). The other guy was even less believable. No chemistry. No camp fun.

The worst part of this was the attempt to introduce drama with the girlfriend. Keep it silly throughout and you could have had a bad attempt at silly, but you had to try to make us feel something - you had to seemingly require that we stay awake. Big mistake. Slammed the door.

And this was a bit sickeningly American - with all the foreign folks falling easily - and aiming very poorly with automatic weapons. Yes - out of six million bullets the one supporting actor did take one in the shoulder. Probably a ricochet.

The worst thing was that this fiasco seemed to be a lengthy set-up for a sequel. And evidently this garbage is making money. Next up -- From Moscow with love. Can't wait.

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Failed attempt at mediocrity, 1 May 2010

An idiotic script interpreted by illiterates.

Makes Adam Sandler look like the genius he thinks he is.

Couple's Retreat was bad in so many ways. The characters were not likable and they had no depth. The relationships were undeveloped and thus unbelievable. We were just supposed to accept them. The story was inane. The acting was unprofessional, but that may well have been because of horrid direction.

This thing fails miserably as a comedy, except for the few dramatic attempts, which were funny.

Might have been a good excuse for a bunch of people to go off to a tropical island and pretend to do work. Too bad they had audiences come out to look at the finished product, which should have never been finished, or started

Amelia (2009)
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Well done, 19 April 2010

Some people shouldn't see some movies.

This is a period piece and a character study -- both very well done. Some younger viewers may be looking for more action and maybe a happy ending. Maybe a car chase or two.

Works well as a love story between complex characters and as a depiction of Amelia and her time.

Tarentino can change history for fun and profit, but these folks did their best to try depicting truth. Gere and Swank exhibit high level acting skills here and the story moves well from scene to scene.

Not the kind of movie that is going to be popular with the average viewers and not a big money-maker, but a fine film nonetheless.

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Fine Film, 20 March 2010

Watched this after trying to watch "Cop Out" (couldn't get through it). There simply is no comparison - lest it be between garbage and high art. The BBC puts out good stuff.

All aspects of this gem shine. Fine performances. Interesting score. Superb direction. Fascinating screenplay.

Add-in absolutely amazing cinematography and you get this beauty.

No wacky banter. No car chases. No gun battles.

Just a period piece that effectively brings back another time and a compelling story that plays out almost perfectly.

"Cop Out" probably will make more money which only proves the street line that "the masses is asses" -- It's good to know we still have true filmmakers out there who do their work for the sheer fun and beauty of it.

Thanks much to all involved.

Cop Out (2010)
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sad waste of time, 19 March 2010

Bruce Willis playing Bruce Willis as a cop.

Morgan playing Morgan as a cop.

No chemistry.

The cops look like actors playing cops.

The sets look like sets.

Editing like blind quilting - just covering holes with pieces.

If there is a story here it is overshadowed by buddy-movie clichés and hackneyed formulas strung together.

Like a movie about the making of a bad movie.

The only laughter here is from Willis and Morgan on their way to the bank.

Only redeeming value is that it is thoroughly forgettable.

Avatar (2009)
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Move over Titanic, Star Wars, Citizen Kane, 2 January 2010

Quite possibly the best movie ever made.

An amazing cinematic experience.

Cameron has painted his masterpiece(again).

The story works wonderfully from start to finish, but the story takes a backseat to the overall cinematography and the crafting of the individual shots.

The acting too, superb as it is, is overshadowed by the sheer genius of the film's creators.

Avatar will be enjoyed for hundreds, if not thousands, of years.

Technically it is probably the first of it's kind with myriad innovations behind the scenes that make for a seamless work of art.

And Avatar is truly a work of art. The kind of movie that will make you proud to be a member of the same species as those responsible for this celebration of humanity

Wanted (2008)
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Poor plagiarism, 29 May 2009

Like something you would get if you removed half of Tarantino's brain and told him to do a remake of Rocky. An insult to whatever genre it contends it is in. Angelina Jolie and Morgan Freeman put in their two weeks and produced clichés the thirteen year olds would consider profound.

The plot was derivative at best – flat out plagiaristic for the most part. And the meek office boy eventually stands up to his horrid boss and says, "Shut the #$$@ up!" Who woulda thunk? Like finding tires on an automobile.

Lots of borrowed special effects that will make you long for radio – unless you are thirteen, in which case you will think them way cool. Check out Rocky, Kill Bill, Karate Kid and you will see where this was stolen from – and this is like stealing three great sculptures, welding them together and calling it original art.

Lots of stylistic blood – yippee!

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