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Scream Tour is Tight!, 15 June 2006

This is a sweet DVD of the last stop on the Scream Tour IV: Heartthrobs Live! Bow Wow & Omarion's performances are off the chain!! I want to go to a Scream Tour one day, and see it live for myself. Bow Wow and the "Wanted" tour crew came to Dayton, Oh. where I live, but I couldn't go! So hopefully I can go to a Scream Tour someday. It was cool to see Khleo Thomas on there, too! He was a good hype-man. You couldn't guess that after seein' him in "Holes", that he would be on tour with Bow Wow a couple years later. Little Zero's growin' up! I guess after "Roll Bounce", BW decided to tag him along. Don't believe the case either, Webbie isn't on there at all! Bow Wow & Omarion fa life!