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Super Force (1990– )
The Super Force that was and could have been.
12 August 2012
Warning: Spoilers
I was 13 the year 'Super Force' debuted. Wow, I thought this show was awesome. It had cool stuff that all action/sci-fi fans identified with. Decent butt-kicking in every episode, interesting technology and gadgets, a motorcycle (and jumps through windows) likely inspired by 'Street Hawk' and a strength enhancing power suit with bullet-stopping capability. What wasn't to like? The answer to that was: attention to detail, poor (or no) continuity and plot progression and overall poor scripts episode after episode. I only caught about eight episodes before my local network pulled it and it disappeared into obscurity. Fastforward twenty-two years and "Helloooo Youtube". I read the review from wingsandsword before I watched all "available episodes" from season 1. Then...I had to stop watching.

The show's low budget is now painfully clear. It was a show that couldn't live up to it's potential. It needed better planning before production ever began, at least two more writers and possibly one or two technology consultants, and I believe it needed a one-hour runtime instead of the thirty minutes it was allotted per weekly episode. Just by watching the first episode of the four-part pilot you can tell that- A. Few people had any visions of what technology and space travel would be like ten years into the future much-less the thirty when it was set and- B. Nobody really cared much about believability. The spacecraft used for Zach Stone's Mars mission is an outdated capsule rather than a large multi-person space vessel, and his hero's welcome parade took place in what appears to be a warehouse. Things never got better. I finished watching the first season to satisfy the kid in me but I wouldn't watch any more because I knew it was only going to get worse.


In the final episode of season one the Super Force suit malfunctions after an upgrade went untested. Zach Stone fell into a coma and then died. Now, anyone with half a mind for a quality TV production would have known that this would have been the time to shut down the series and review what went wrong and where it could go should it get a second season. This was the perfect time to reboot the series, and it could have been rebooted right back into itself with a bigger budget, consultants, writers and the one-hour runtime it needed for proper working order.

Here's my idea for episode 1 of season two: Zach Stone could have woken from a coma aboard a space-station to discover that Super Force had been nothing but a dream and that one of the other astronauts aboard his spacecraft saved the entire crew instead of him. Suffering from dual memories Zach returns to Earth to find the people he thought he knew are not the same people. F.X. Spinner is the majority shareholder of Spinner Industries. Teo Satori is the head of RnD (or basically F.X.'s original role). Frank Stone never disappeared and Zach's father is alive, although he is in the hospital and is dying from some incurable ailment. E.B. Hungerford is the police commissioner but he is more concerned with his own interests rather than the public's. With significant spaceflight missions canceled for the next year Zach decides to follow in the footsteps of his father and brother and commits to the police academy. Throw in a terrorist organization, some organized crime activities and a scheme or two from Hungerford to prompt a need for the Super Force suit (and design a suit with a better looking helmet) and you now have the new 'Super Force'.

'Super Force' was just too cool to have failed because so few people cared enough to make it into what it could/should have been. I almost cried when I decided to stop watching. They ruined my show and I now choose to believe that my idea above is how things actually happened. (Being a dream would actually have explained perfectly why all of the first season was so bad and unbelievable.) I totally understand, and feel for, the fans of the original 'Battlestar Galactica'.

Long live 'Super Force'.
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If you've seen the TV series.....
11 April 2006
If you've seen the TV series and thought it was garbage, then you can avoid this and not regret wasting four hours of your life. This version took elements from the first movie and the TV series and tried to make something out of it. Alas, you just can't go any higher than the first movie. I watched the TV series only because it was Robocop and he's one of my all-time favorite heroes. It's a shame that people in Old Detroit make so many bad decisions that they end up looking like middle school dropouts who were given positions in power. If they had made the series out of the short-lived comic book then it would have been a gigantic hit among Robo fans. But, back to this movie. The actors did their jobs well, but the scripting was disastrous and unrealistic. If you want Robocop then I suggest you see Robocop or even Robocop 2. Watching this will only tarnish fond memories of the originals.
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Soldier of Fortune, Inc. (1997–1999)
Was good, till the idiots tried to "improve it"
7 February 2006
I've always been an 'A-Team' fan, and when I saw 'SoF Inc.' I thought it was the 'A-Team' for the 90's. Well, it was. Then they changed it way too much with the second season and it just wasn't the same anymore. I hope that the guy responsible for that never lives it down.

I hope that someday a network is created just for all action movies and TV shows. 'SoF Inc.' would be a perfect addition. If you like action shows and movies and you haven't seen this one, you should try to find it if it ever makes it to home video. The first season is worth it, even if only for the writing. The second season was okay but the chemistry just wasn't there anymore.
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Magical, sad, beautiful, emotional.
6 February 2006
Until I saw the DVD I'd never seen the entire thing. The first time I caught it on TV I was completely amazed, too bad I missed the beginning. As soon as I finished watching the whole thing I said aloud, "Beautiful". Or maybe it was, "(censored) beautiful!" I don't remember, but I wanted to watch it again immediately. I've read criticism somewhere about the wrong voice talents or bad voice acting. My thoughts. Whoever made those complaints didn't have a clue what they were talking about. It wasn't perfect, true, but it was very close. The actors did the job superbly. When I was a kid and saw it I just loved the idea of it all. Now that I'm an adult I can really see the emotions this movie can convey. There's a lot of pain, but it's beautiful in it's own way. The music by America fit very well. Almost makes me want to see if I can find the soundtrack. I wouldn't because just hearing it would make me want to see the movie, so why bother when I can just see it again. As far as the DVD I have goes, I was a tad disappointed. What I bought had snippets removed. I really hope a special edition is made, there is much room for improvement and I would buy it if one is ever made. The movie is showing it's age. What I saw was quite grainy, if I use the term correctly. A full restoration is in order, NO CUTOUTS! Plus I would really love some cast and creator interviews. The actors are growing old and I'd really love to hear their thoughts on the movie before they leave us. (Feb 2006)I see that a live action movie is in the works. As a fan I wouldn't do this. This film is a masterpiece because it is animated and allows for so much. If it were to be remade I would only go for an all CG production. This would preserve it's uniqueness. To-date I have never seen a fantasy movie about or involving unicorns that had this much emotional magic. I hope to finish a novel someday but I know that no-matter what I can write it will never top this story. Aside from a few directorial quirks, mainly for scene runtime, I will always rate this movie in my top 5 favorites of all-time. My personal vote is a 10, but I realize not everyone loves fantasy like I do. I'm guessing the average person would give it a 6 or 7.
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The Rocketeer (1991)
6 February 2006
Great film, mostly because of what it isn't. The Disney name probably turned some off to it. I watched it in theater and would probably stop surfing if I caught it on TV. It had a good script, good characters, good acting, and uuhhhh...oh yeah a guy with a rocketpack and a snazzy helmet. You can't take this film too seriously, but that's the point. If you try then you ruin the movie experience for yourself. Naturally if the guy straps an actual rocketpack to his back and fires er up then he's gonna set his pants on fire. "It's all part of the show" If you like sci/fi, action, or superhero type movies and you haven't seen this movie then do yourself a favor and rent it. I think you'll like it.
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