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Shorter marathon than the summer one, will include some series...which are not technically movies, but hell, I'll include them anyway
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Movie marathon for the summer, no genre specifics, it's mixed..or will be
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Mostly a list of my favorite action stars.
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The list for this year's horror marathon, when is a movie is done being watched, I add it here
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The horror marathon is mostly over, now to switch to the action genre. Including superhero movies, sci-fi/action, horror/action, action comedies, action thrillers, etc. It's all about action this summer.
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My Top 10 Draculas (Right now, it's just 5)
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A month of movies by Full Moon Features and Empire Pictures. (And one that's even pre-Empire)
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Around April and May (and a bit of June too), I decide to hold a second horror movie marathon, these are the movies I've watched for this years Horror-thon as I call it.
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These are the games of the Grand Theft Auto III timeline in chronological order (Meaning the order they take place in). In the description of each game...I will put the year the game takes place in.
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Sex/erotica themed exploitation cinema.
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Women In Prison Sexploitation subgenre films
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70s Exploitation genre films with soul!
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Mondo (mock documentary) exploitation genre films
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Giallo: Italian Murder-Mystery Thrillers
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(Only reason films from no later than the 50's, 60's, 70's and 80's not on here is because they were not around during the GRINDHOUSE era)
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Exploitation subgenre Cannibal films
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Classic Exploitation and cult genre films which take place after an apocalyptic occurence
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Exploitation genre films dealing with nuns in sexual & generally devious situations
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WWII-Nazi Exploitation genre films
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Horror & Sci-Fi Exploitation genre films where NATURE STRIKES BACK!